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  • Tracker: https://racetotherock2017.maprogress.com­/

    On Saturday morning, at 6:22am Perth time, Race to the Rock riders will set out from Western Australia’s oldest settlement, Albany, and attempt to work their way over remote tracks and outback roads to Uluru in central Australia.

    To reach the iconic outback landmark they will have to ride 3,000 kilometres, completely unsupported, in whatever weather conditions happen to be thrown their way in the second running of the ultra-endurance adventure race.


    The route for 2017 approaches Uluru from the west, rather than the south like last year. It starts in Western Australia’s Albany and can be broken down into three main sections. The first is the 1,000km-long Munda Biddi Trail which travels through the bushland and small country towns of southern Western Australia, ending at Mundaring, north east of Perth.

    2016 Doco






  • 8 riders. only one finisher last year - Sarah Hammond

  • yeah, looks good this.

  • It has started. 7 active riders and Jesse Carlsson due to start tomorrow.

  • Watched the documentary from last year and it just looks brutal.

  • Yeh no wonder only Sarah finished!
    Still wouldn't bet against Jesse even though he's a day behind

  • Little piece about it, including bike checks for Sarah and Jesse HERE

  • Jesse not started yet, courier lost his replacement wheel. Poor guy!

  • ^ ha - “The race so difficult no man has ever finished.”
    Let's see how 2018 pans out.

    The level of frustration for Jesse though not being able to start?

  • I expect he'll be pissed off but, as the organiser / promoter / sponsor, he's interested in more than just doing a good ride himself. The other riders doing a good event matters for the future of his stuff, and for his bike brand (Curve).
    Also, if he was fit and had a bike, he'd most likely win it, but not sure how his injury is, and whether he would be able to go the distance. It's a long term thing that the doctors have struggled to diagnose.

  • Jesse made it in then.

  • Yep. He's up and running. Hope he doesn't fall ill in the middle of a ditch - miles from anywhere and no phone signal

  • Sarah still leads, Jesse is on pace to get in the mix very soon. Jules has now rejoined after a mechanical.

  • Jesse's instagram is good if you have it installed..


  • He's flying - made up about 10 hours on Sarah in just over 40 hours.

  • Jesse doing a 2016 @skinny

  • He was last year too until he crashed.

  • Jesse has been speeding along. James Deck has scratched, leaving seven active riders.

  • Jesse is 39. Woah. Wasn't expecting that. Must be all that mud. He's doing really well. could be in for an interesting second half to the race with Sarah tiring.

  • Jesse now in third, about 12 hours behind Sarah, who is 40km ahead of the guy in second

  • Yes, wondered if Jesse was going to catch Sarah, but it looks unlikely now.

  • Will anyone catch sarah?

  • Unlikely. Jesse is what, 200k back?

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Race To The Rock

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