In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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  • Is it? Starting to think it's all a cunning ploy to extract as many £x cheap alloy spacers out of people! Also annoying as I bought the appropriate mount calipers separately thinking it would do away the need for spacers completely. Sigh.

    Do i buy the spacer or a smaller rotor?

  • Do i buy the spacer or a smaller rotor?

    Spacer probably cheaper but a 140mm rotor is more than enough on the rear and probably looks neater too.

  • i went for no spacers on my mine. its satisfying to setup flat mount at the rear, looks neat, saves weight and complications, and 140mm is plenty enough. its a road bike after all

  • Cheers... Will opt to go for mismatched rotor sizes and just deal with the latent OCD this inspires.

  • It makes sense though. My motorbike has 2 disc brakes on the front wheel and one on the rear which is smaller than either of the two fronts.

  • Yeah I guess. Still making the transition from comparative simplicity of rim brakes, my Soma is designed for IS mount and same size rotors so makes it a pita to fuck around with buying different standards of caliper or adapter every time!

  • Rotors ordered. Wheels ordered.

    Will hopefully be built up for the weekend... With mudguards probably if the summer up here so far is anything to go by 😭

  • wait ... what ? i was waiting for confirmation, gonna put you in bad traders !

  • Ha, what... pls tell me you sold your wheels at the weekend.

    Gentlemans relish means that if you didn't then I get to crush your bike and burn your house down.

  • Is this anyone's fugio from here? Anyone know the year of this particular model and if the wheel spacing is 100/135 QR?

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  • Yeah @PhilDAS keeps talking about it like its the second coming

  • Haha it’s not mine but it was an inspiration to buy one. Thanks @amey
    I believe it was a 2014 model, announced in 2013.
    It’s 100/135 QR yes

  • How do you rate it?

  • Not got too much to say really. It’s nice to ride. Feels fast, takes big tyres

  • Tiny headtubes though

  • So not a rave review then. Would you recommend?

  • Haven’t ridden many similar bikes to compare. I’m no expert.
    It’s 10x nicer than my old arkose but feels a bit heavier though I don’t think it is much.
    Only other disc bike I’ve had was a caad12 but that felt like it pedals itself in comparison to anything else I rode.
    I would recommend it, though it doesn’t have provisions for mudguards being a CX frame. That lets it down for me since I use it only on road and gravel

  • omg just shut up about it already!

  • I was asked!
    At least I’m not chatting shit about compliance and “life” in the ride

  • Just bought one, don’t mind about mudguard mounts (had my cdf 4 years and never fitted them) and can always get a different fork to run a rack if needed, might just get a Restrap front roll.

  • Y u so bitter amy. Such a small man but so full of bitter.

  • Ah nice yeah I’m sure you’ll like it. Definitely more like a big tyre road bike than a gravel thing or tourer.
    I want just that, some sort of small bag for the front but it’s low on the priorities for spending at the minute

  • jus trollin

  • Finally finished putting this thing together - first commute in this morning & first impressions are pretty good, needs a bit of tweaking here & there and the front pads need upgraded, badly, but overall not too shabby. Still needs mudguards. The fork / disc mount area looks like it's melted due to the curve of the fork combined with the droopy looking 140 mount - this will annoy me & eventually be replaced with a 160

    Standard rubbish photos:

  • Bike looks great!

    Just wondering - isn't the point of 140mm rotors to save weight? It seems silly when you have to mount a bigger adapter to make it fit..
    The bike industry is a silly place.

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In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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