In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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  • Going to be selling a 725 Equilibrium in XS if anyone on here would be interested give me a shout

  • That’s a better spec and a nicer looking bike, thanks for that. Also looking at the Decathlon Triban 520 which gets you 105 but I see the bike shortage is not over as it’s out of stock too.

  • It might be worth looking at the Ribble equivalent too (can’t remember the name now). They seem decent value, although I think the Sonder wins it for me - and it’s arguably cooler than a Ribble!

  • Thanks, didn’t see anything under 1k which is the limit. Planet X only had carbon and Ti too. The other difficulty is she’s 5’0” so need a XS.

  • I just purchased the genesis flyer disc 2021 in a large. I was wondering if anyone knew how to measure the forks Axle to Crown?

  • 407 according to the spec sheet (product files tab)­lyer-vargn21250

  • My Equilibrium 931 Disc. Found it last year on Pinkbike for 1k and brought to Poland. Previous owner stripped the paint from the frame (only model decals etc left), so wonderful and classy look. Just switched the wheels to my own that I previously had on Pickenflick. This spring is unusually cold and rainy so still in the bad weather mode, soon going to take the mudguards off and mount the gumwall Veloflexes I found cheap at Merlin when buying it.
    All in all, this is going to be my bike for a lifetime, with RWS thrubolt skewers I don't miss lack of TA and the only upgrade I plan at some point is a Di2 groupset (frame is fully compatible for internal Di2 routing).

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  • Anyone know the a-c length / rake of the fork on the 2016 era Equilibrium disc (like the one above), I can't find it?

    I'm contemplating switching the fork on mine out for something with slightly more front tyre clearance but don't want to change the handling too much - the standard fork will take about a 32c tyre without guards but the rear looks to have space for at least 35, maybe slightly more - was wondering if the fork from a Datum or something would work...

  • My Volare 931 disc. Proper enjoying this!

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  • That looks great, always fancied one of those - had the old 853 rim braked one & loved it

    The ti post works well on there - i've got a 931 Equilibrium disc with a similar finish & wondered how a one would look

  • I've picked up a 2015 equilibrium - is there much geo difference between it and the same era Volare with the enve fork? I like the idea of a straight blade fork as I have the (quite bad) idea of sticking 50mm bongo wheels on it as another Fast (but ultimately slow) summer bike and think it might make the handling a bit chirpier read: chuckable @BareNecessities and also look a little better. 1 1/8 straight blade carbon rim brake forks (that might look nice) - do these exist still?

  • I had a 2016 725 Equilibrium disc and still have my 2014 853 Volarewithenve. Very different bikes, not to get too buzzwordy but the Volare always felt loads more nimble whilst the Equilibrium was more of a plodder. Some of that will be down to the different metals and requirements for disc brakes I suppose - is yours rim?

  • Yep it's rim. Thanks for the insight, I'lI temper any crit bike aspirations then :)

  • It might be great! My equilibrium was probably a bit too big and built up 'heavy' so didn't have much going for it.

  • And also disc brakes suck

  • 1 1/8 straight blade carbon rim brake forks

    Whisky, Enve...

  • i just picked up a pair of enves after giving up hope on finding something suitable for my old caad.
    3t, whisky, columbus, enve, there are a few to chose from and they come up regularly, if not frequently.

  • Are they....pricey?

  • i missed out on a pair that @Retro_bastard grabbed for 150 ( i think ? ) (i'm sure he won't mind being tagged and share thoughts on pricing ). i just paid mine a tad over this.
    i have some columbus with alloy steerer on my fixed which i really like too.
    in my opinion the difficulty is to find the right steere length, expecially with genesis frames with external headsets, it all adds up, i needed 22cm

  • I paid £180 for mine from @nyoro last week which i thought i was very good price and in near perfect condition. He said he paid that for them on ebay but every pair i saw on ebay was £210-£250 I'd say anything less than £220 for a pair of Enve in good condition is a good price. Black decals seem to carry about a £30 premium which i think is hard to justify. Mine have the white branding but it's over the lacquer so easily removed although I've not done that yet.

  • Thanks both, super helpful!

  • I have the (quite bad) idea of sticking 50mm bongo wheels on it as another Fast (but ultimately slow) summer bike

    Slow like TTM or slow like @amey ? Did lol

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In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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