In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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  • Hey Guys, looking for a bit of advice on Genesis fit. I've done a fair bit of Googling before posting so I hope I haven't missed any other posts on this topic; feel free to point me in that direction if it's been covered.

    Being an XL boy, I'm interested in the XL frames - particularly the Equilibrium and Volare.
    Is anyone able to liken these to regular bike size, by which I mean "What size does it feel like?".
    A 61cm frame, 62cm or 63cm etc?

    I'm currently riding a 61cm Allez atm with the sloping top tube, similar to these bikes, and it does feel a little small. I'm 6,5" for reference.

    Any advice appreciated. Would love to test ride, but until then...

  • Any Tour de Fer 10 owners know the max tyre size you could fit?

    I'm looking to replace my worn out Marathon Mondials and trying to figure out if I can go much larger than the current 35c

  • I have a 2017 Croix de Fer with 38c and mudguards if that is any help at all?

  • For anyone interested regarding my post above.
    I've fit 40c Marathon Mondials on my Tour de Fer 10 2019

    • On the rear there is around 3-4mm clearance at the seat stay and 4-5mm at the chain stay
    • Around 8-10mm clearance on the fork
  • Really happy with this set up. Not rapid but not sluggish. Just feels dialed and comfortable for long rides just a happy medium of everything. I think it's the best road bike I've ever had.

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  • Summer boots on the Longitude. I’m finding for dry trails 2.2 race kings are excellent. (Slightly wider on the big rims).

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  • You ride with an air freshener?

  • Had this out for a leisurely ride today - still not given it a proper big day out post refurb but it's great & I did a cracker of a wheelie that impressed the shit out of my 4 yr old daughter

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  • Very nice. Is that a clearcoat?

    Also the only people really impressed with wheelies and track stands are kids.

  • Cheers, it's a met bronze powder without the clear which came out satin - does almost look like a clear over raw finish now you mention it.

    I'm shite at wheelies, every now & again I hold one for longer than a few seconds and secretly feel like a badass - I'll crack it one day & then never try another one (balls, I'll do them everywhere)

  • You ride with an air freshener?

    Yeah. I like to pick up dropped litter when i can, picked it up in a forest car park and never got around to ditching it.

  • Ah, Womble rides, good on yer.

  • Womble rides haha, like that.

  • What's the mounts on the fork for?

  • Is it a RAL colour?

  • This is how I feel about mine. Occasionally the desire will pop into my head to spend a bomb on a new bike, before I remember just how good my equilibrium is.

    I really want to be able to recommend it as the perfect bike for all those looking to get into cycling, but the cost of a new equilibrium disc is madness post-pandexit

  • I’m probably going to sell my Fugio 853 frame set in the near future. Although it’s a bit different to original. Gear cable routing has been moved to the downtube rather than the top, chainstay bridge added, seatstay bridge moved for clearance, mudguard mounts added on the bridges and dropouts, downtube drilled for dynamo wiring and the hole reinforced and post clamp brazed on. And the whole thing stripped and painted in hammerite. Probably not to everyone’s taste but it was a good workhorse commuter/gravel bike whilst I needed it.
    There’s a matching painted steel stem that I made but it’s something like 125mm long
    And a Norco Search fork which was sanded raw and clear coated. With cage mounts on the side.
    Sound interesting to you? I’ll endeavour to get a photo but it’s still built up.
    Won’t be expensive
    Edit: 56cm

  • What's the mounts on the fork for?

    Got a couple of these I use for carrying stuff in. I like them a lot because they clip on and off super easily.­illa-cage-ii/

  • Not sure who this is aimed at, but I'd potentially be interested if you're selling.

  • Anyone, I’m just shouting into the void :)

    There’s also no front mech cable routing but I can change braze ons if the paint is not a concern
    Here it was on the turbo in a messy lounge a while back.
    Was going to keep the King headset, but it could be included. It’s a bit rough. I do have a plain headset to include if not

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  • Was thinking of turning my Fugio 853 into more of a road bike. It's not hugely capable on the sort of off road stuff round here (cue gravel debate) and it feels kinda slow on road with 38mm tyres.

    Maybe a shorter fork, 32mm tyres and a 2x groupset. I remember discussing the fact it doesn't have capacity for a front mech with the frame builder doing the mods but I can't remember if I left as is or had it changed, it has a cable guide on the downtube. Something about top pull?

  • Mine came with a band on pulley to turn top pull into bottom pull. Probably still have it in a box somewhere

  • I don't think so - I remember the guy telling me he had asked the supplier to alter their stock colour as it was too gold or something, ESP in Glasgow did it - had a few frames done & they've all been spot on

  • But I'd need the routing along the downtube with that?

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In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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