In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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  • Nice - what size of tyres are you running there?

    I'm wondering which tyre direction to go - either a lightweight 2.1/2.25" for extreme mincing or try and squeeze in 2 kilos of 2.6" rubber just for a laugh

    I had a pair of 2.3" Mavic Crossmax or something on mine as a middle of the road option & there looked to be plenty of room to spare - last mtb was a 27.5+ & the 2.8s just floated over everything, was quite an eye opener

  • 2.25" rear, 2.3" front. I think I could run 2.4" rear, but it would be tight and wouldn't leave mud room.

  • Cheers - my old rims were on the narrow side by modern standards (18mm inner) so i'll see how the 2.3s sit on a slightly wider rim then go from there.

    The more I look at your pic it's pretty similar build wise to mine without the suspension fork - what bars are you running? I had on-one OG's but just bought some Ritchey Kyotes for a bit more width & reach.

  • Page 60 was good.

    Also a bonus safety pizza

  • So it seems like most CdF models are out of stock until late 2021 / early 2022...

  • Can't be bothered starting a project thread right now so i'll leave these here -got my frame back from the powdercoaters - went up with a vague idea of something like metallic black or millennial pink, naturally ended up with something else - satin bronze. Turned out pretty classy, quite pewter-ish in colour which I like - keeping with the gentrification I polished the head badge too.

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  • Breaking away from the tourers and Emm Tee Bees with my Zero SL.

    It's a joy to ride and still competitively light for a frame that's a fair few years old now.

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  • you look like your stalking the bike from the bushes.

  • Does anyone know where I could get a Genesis head tube badge? My recently acquired Day One Cross is without one.
    Not too bothered about period specific, actually I don't even know if there's been a change over the years?

  • Nice! I'll take the opportunity to post my Zero Disc. Have changed a few things since I took the picture, mainly going back to 2x and fitting some carbon wheels.

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  • Absolute weapon. I was close to getting one.

  • @Thrasher

    you look like your stalking the bike from the bushes.

    I was literally one foot in some olive tree so you're not wrong.


    Absolute weapon. I was close to getting one.

    They really are beautiful frames – This one was an ex-team bike with hardly any use.

    @seb1977 looks like that climbs like a dream!

  • Emm Tee Bees

    It has taken me two days to figure out what you meant by this.

  • The last one @hoops painted for Connor in 2018


  • I just wanted to give Genesis some props- I contacted them from their website asking if I could buy a replacement head tube badge for my recently acquired 2009 Day One Cross.
    One arrived in a couple of days FOC not even asked for postage costs.
    Very good customer service I reckon.

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In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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