In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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  • Check out here and here for checking how a-c and rake affects geometry.

  • combine my inbred and Croix de fer.

    Interesting - this is what i'm thinking of doing. I've got a 456 Evo II that i'm thinking of selling and then getting a 650 wheel set with the burliest tyres i can fit in my CDF.

    I've been doing more and more off-roading on the Genesis to the point where it's only really actual trails with berms and jumps etc that i'd bother using the MTB for.

  • Yeah,the head angle is negligible and I assumed as much on the not being able to tell the difference. just good to hear it from someone else. Thanks!

  •­21-t158 Maybe old news but there's some 2021 bikes here. CDF seems to have got a couple extra braze ons and clearance for 650x47. Spendy in 853 though, even compared to last year's 853 frameset. New alu Flyer seems exactly the same as the old single speed day one so I guess it's less like a new Flyer and more like they've discontinued the Flyer.

  • Can anybody advise me on 2016 Equilibrium geometry? I'm 6'0'' with 34'' inseam, would M fit me or will it be too small? Previously I have ridden Pickenflick in Large as a do-it-all bike, road, gravel, touring, CX racing. Here is comparison:­e-pickenflick-2016-l-56-5cm,genesis-equi­librium-disc-725-2016-m,genesis-equilibr­ium-disc-725-2016-l/

  • Finally got TA on the 725 frameset, the £800 price tag hurts a little. Loving the purple livery

  • Is thru axle better? I've never ridden it so have no idea. TA+Flat mount+brexit tax does seem to have added about 2-300 pounds to the price of steel frames over the past few years, which I can see irritating a lot of people, I guess especially road cyclists who seem set to gain the least from it.

    Probably needed to happen the way the industry is going though.

  • Better but not significantly. More important on the front although I've never had wheels slip anyway with QR and disc brakes

  • I remember when I bought a new Surly frame years ago and it didn't make me slump into a 6-month long fugue of financial weltschmerz. Those were the days!

  • I don't think it's better, it just means I can conceivably swap all the parts off my current bike onto this without the need to fiddle with changing end caps, which granted isn't much of a hassle.

    Agreed the pricing though has sky rocketed considering the 2020 853 was £100 more, and it's currently priced well north of the £1,000 mark for 2021.

  • I don't understand the pricing logic of the full bikes Vs framesets, the equilibrium disc frameset is £949, but a full 105 build is £2399
    Surely you could put an equal spec build together for less, or a much better spec for the same price? Also, the non disc complete is £700 cheaper?

  • equilibrium disc frameset is £949

    lolwut. for 725? wew.

  • Nice to see thru axles, and the ever fashionable purple, but I think I'll wait until the next big industry change to cage mount standards, from the current 64mm spacing to 52.5mm spaced oval-press-stud-magmounts™ before I upgrade framesets

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In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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