In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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  • Shame they are only for small people

  • I ran my L vagabond with a flat bar for a bit (with 110mm stem). Couldn't get comfortable. Felt much better with drops (ritchey venturemax - good on and offroad).

  • Small people deserve nice things too.

  • Merely lamenting the absence of larger frames from the sale - no heightism intended.

  • Yeah. Very short and upright, obviously. A bit twitchy for anything fast and gnarly, but that's fine because I'm slow and scared.

    I'd actually consider trying drops again if I could find any s700 brakes, but flat bars do instill confidence, so maybe not.

    Also considering something like a Singular Swift if I could find one cheap.

    It's fun!

  • Anyone know if longitude is 135 rear spacing or not? Also if BB is 68 or 73? Details missing from the genesis / Madison / sport line pages.

  • Apparently 135mm rear, and 73mm bb.

  • Yep, can confirm both!

  • How do you rate the longitude?

  • Absolutely love it. Mine's a 2017 but I think only the paint job has changed? Use it mainly for off road touring, singletrack riding and winter commuting (in Norway, so big studded tyres and guards - zero toe overlap issues though!).
    Currently set up with PX Jones copies and 3.0" tyres - had to change to 1x to get the clearance though. It's been absolutely faultless, all the mounts you could want and I really like the fact it is all "old" standards, so it's able to use parts bin/second hand bits without any worries. Are you planning on running drop bars? It's pretty long in the top tube, so might be hard to get it to work well.

  • Cheers for the review - planning on flat bar (bullmoose) build, 29x2.0ish with guards, 1x11 SLX etc. Not sure if L looks a bit long but otherwise Should be perfect, one of the issues that bugs me with my CDF build is toe/guard overlap when riding slow tech stuff or wheeling so would have been annoyed if I had swapped build over to vagabond and had worse.

    ‘21 colourway is grey which is definitely a bonus imo

    Only annoying thing is horizontal dropouts you had any issues with slipping?

  • No issues with the dropouts, I would prefer vertical ones to make wheel removal a bit easier but it's nice to have the option for singlespeed/hub gear. If you want to run proper guards, you will have to bodge a seatstay mount, I can take a picture of mine later to give you an idea!

  • You'd get at least 10 mm of tyre more clearance and the same reach with a small longitude.
    And the same stack and +25 mm reach with a medium longitude, which would give you around 40 mm tyre clearance..

    Damn bikeinsights is a useful tool..

  • Have you considered sizing up on Vagabond to an XL?
    Looks like that would give you 15-19 mm more tyre clearance at the cost of +15 mm reach and 34 mm stack..

  • I recently built up a large Vagabond, I was just reading about other Genesis bikes of LFGSS and found this so thought I'd share my experience with toe overlap.

    I've got size 47 feet, but wear size 48 shoes for cycling (thick socks in winter). With 175mm cranks, WTB Nano 40mm tyres and mudguards, I don't get toe overlap.

    I used to have a Cross Check - loads of toe overlap, which eventually annoyed me. I swapped everything onto an On One Inbred - no toe overlap, but I missed drop bars. I then spent ages on Bike Insights (also really like that site) trying to work out what dropbar frames might work and settled on a Vagabond in L.

    I am fairly sure the Vagabond has more pedal spindle to tyre distance than the CDF? @MisterMikkel did you adjust the tyres when you looked it up? BikeInsights gives the Vagabond 2" by default I think.

  • After a solid week of searching for a Volare disc in XL I have just given up and ordered a 2020 931 in rim brake flavour at 20% off. Should be here next week. Can’t wait!

  • Equilibrium in full summer mode!

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  • Anyone here interested in a 2017 Genesis Longitude. I bought it with grand plans of lots of bikepacking in the Cairngorms. In reality I've done 5 rides on it in 2 years.

    Stock equipment and size medium and looking for £650 posted.

    Edit: added size and photos

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  • Here's a couple -­Ud0mwxcKuO8OUfr0vPrQhbk36o

    this is with the crank pretty much level and the wheel turned to the closest point:­Ud0mwxcKuO8OUfr0vPrQhbk36o

  • Ah thanks - now edited.

  • Ah thanks! Medium

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In The Beginning: Genesis Owners

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