The ‘Dale Chronicles - a tale of many Cannondales

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  • Always fascinating to see what a few tweaks to cockpit and saddle/SP can achieve

    I love it

    PS whats in the oven

  • A Gammon joint, twas very tasty

  • Took a long time to finish this, busy holidays etc and just general inertia. Done now but I’m not convinced I’ve built it for me.
    The fit is fine measurement wise, but it just feels too big.

    Anyway, happy with how it turned out

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  • Moar

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  • One of the very few builds i prefer silver rims over black

    Just out of curiosity: i ride a caad in sz 56 - would i need to look for a caadX in sz 54 then?

  • No probs a 56. I actually ride a 54 usually.

  • First ride out on the SystemSix of the year ahead of the storm tomorrow.

    Tried some Tubolitos. rank orange valves aside , I’m impressed. Felt comfortable and rolled very nicely, noticeably better then the Race 28 tubes I had before

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  • Interesting...

  • 20 quid inner tubes?!

  • Amazon voucher for xmas, so i thought fuck it why not?

    Plus once you buy sealant, valves, worm kits etc its not that far off the price of going tubless. Also its less messy and weighs less.

  • May have to give these a go @Matisse

    now I know they hold air...

  • 4 months in what's the verdict on the Tubolito tubes? Still positive?

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The ‘Dale Chronicles - a tale of many Cannondales

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