The ‘Dale Chronicles - a tale of many Cannondales

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  • Too many build threads and most of them are cannondales....(checks notes) actually they’re pretty much all cannondales , so here they all are in one place, as if you care.

    Come for the self deprecation, stay for the #structurals

    98 Caad2 R200­31/

    C200 Radonndale hybrid thing­15/

    All the Cipo­67/

    ‘96 M400 Dadbiek­85/

    2000 Saeco R1000 Caad4
    Like most of us I'm constantly jonesing after something new, checking my ebay and Gumtree alerts daily, watching things to see how much they go for. Some of us have a large stable but a lot will be like me, The quiver is small but strong and its strictly 1 in:1 out.

    So it can get tricky when you wake up.and you've bought 2000 R1000 Caad4 in Saeco USA livery, in the perfect size, for a great price.....
    Its in great nick and even a rad late nineties font sticker on it.

    What to do, 1 bike has gotta go.

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  • Is that completely OG spec? Pretty cool find.

  • Seeing as all I seem to own is caads, been left with a hard choice, which one to sell.

    Turns out it was easy, the C200 Cad1 is on its way out, mostly because it was always a bit long for me and I've fallen out of love with IHG systems. So long Radonndale you'll be missed.

    In reality then this is a twofer, what to do with the R1000 and how to repurpose the Caad2 R200

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  • It is mate, i was very surprised that all of the parts were in such good condition

  • Rad


  • These are great! I got one on eBay as well. After convincing myself it's out of my budget I couldn't resists and bought it anyway.

    This is my before and after (the before being the steerer extender version)

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  • Also are you going to be parting with that rack?

  • you might be the 20th person to ask me that..... I still want to sell it with the rack, coz it looks badass.

  • anyway, slept on it and this is probably going to go down like this:

    fit the R1000 with the Ultregra 6800 gruppo, choices here are:
    1) inline thomson or setback zipp seatpost
    2) new rs101 wheelset, or stick with the rad ritchey aero wheels.

    Then, harvest the r1000 for parts, probably brakes/RD / shifters and saddle for the R200, with the aim being a 1x9 commuter.
    Choice here is stick with the Ultegra chainset, or fit a more hill friendly 34t compatible chainset, which given that bristol is pretty hilly, is most likely the way i'll go.

  • Slowish progress. Stripped the R1000 down, and pleased to see that the parts are in excellent condition, which is a bonus. A few marks and scratches and a small dent on the nds chainstay, but nothing to worry about.

    Cleansed and relubed the Coda headset, not the best, but it works. So far so good.

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  • Solved my wheel conundrum, going with the older Ritcheys, the flat blade spokes and slightly deeper section look so much better than the newer shimanos.

    Which of course means that for entirely aesthetic reasons the R1000 will run an 11 speed group on a 10 speed hub (dropped a cog) and the 1x9 commuter will run a 9speed cassette on an 11 speed hub (1.8mm spacer) #structurals

    I'm an idiot.

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  • I'm sure I has this in my eBay watch list. Look forward to seeing it built up

  • Progress, finally.

    Commuter is finished, ultegra/105 parts from the R1000 and some Sram Rival cranks. Grabbed some paselas on a major deal from my lbs, cause no one rides 23c anymore apparently. Pretty happy, just mudguards to fit for winter.

    R1000 has started, a few bits fitted, its gonna look rad.

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  • I think there might be a tiny chance of pulling of a build with the ano blue rims as long as you run black everything else. Please try it.

  • Almost there.

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  • And especially for @Simba

    Dont think it works.

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  • Dibs for @user59049

    He'll need to assess the "Structuals" though.

  • I think blue rims could maybe work. The above photo suggests it won't but only one wheel and what the hell is that tire!

  • Hah, I completely agree. We have to see this without the reflector and with black tyres.

  • Send them round, we can talk sandpaper techniques

  • @Simba @Pawlus maybe....... Those tyres are god awful, ill take off the reflactors and see how it goes, im still 95% set on the black rims though.

  • Aaaaaaaand were done.

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  • New wheels and seatpost, and a little window time over bespoked last weekend.

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  • Small update: Ultegra out, Sram Force in.

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The ‘Dale Chronicles - a tale of many Cannondales

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