LOOK at my poor financial decisions

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  • Having finally sold off a Fuji Track Pro that I wasn't using, I immediately took that money to put toward this Look KG 461 that popped up on eBay for a reasonable(?) price. Arrived in two days in excellent condition, and seems like it will fit me quite well.

    Had a set of mismatched Ksyriums laying around that I could finally put to use on this. Will probably stay mismatched for quite a while because poverty.

    I have a carbon post and carbon SMP from China in the mail, leaving me with a two decisions to make, the first of them being which groupset I should get. I have quite a few things laying around that need new homes, so bike funds are low right now, leaving me with options from the second-hand market. I was thinking Tiagra 4700, which can be had for ~$150 or less if I'm lucky, but I feel like that wouldn't be doing this frame justice, so maybe I'll nut up for a 105 5800 instead. Opinions/other options? Not too keen on paying more than $300 for a groupset right now.

    The other decision is what stem to use. I have a silver Thomson Elite x4 on my other bike that I could transfer over, but I don't think it would match very well (which shouldn't matter at this point considering the wheel situation). Should I get one in black? Or go for a different stem completely? Or just nut up and deal with it?

    I've never built up a road bike before, and failed completely at adjusting the derailleur limit screws on my old bike, so this will be a fun(?) and educational experience. Hopefully the build won't take too long, mostly dependent on me finding a groupset. I look forward to hearing what opinions and suggestions/tips you guys have.

  • I always find the extra costs on a build like this add up.

    Tyres, cables, saddle, bar tape, stem ... things like that.

    Or you'll buy a second hand groupset for a bargain price, and it'll have no brake pads or something, so that's another twenty quid.

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK!

  • 10 speed in 105 and ultegra are cheap used as they have been superseded... they are excellent and many people upgrade because they want the latest groupset which means bargains to be had.
    Mavic are 10 and 11 speed compatible so can upgrade later if need be.

  • What he said.

    Nice frame BTW.

  • Nice, it's in better nick than mine ever was :)

    Depending on what lenght you're looking for I'm selling one of the stem I used on mine for not much, looked nice in my opinion.

    Beware, I also found that carbon posts were not playing too nicely with the stupid clamp system.

  • Thanks for the tips guys!

    @cgg Thanks for the offer, but I'm in the US, so don't want to make you have to deal with international shipping. And thanks for the tip regarding the seatpost--worst case, it'll give me a push in selling my wound up fork + seatpost set that I really don't need, and I can make my beater bike an actual beater bike with beater parts instead....

    So in a bout of classic financial irresponsibility, I've managed to sell some stuff, leaving me with about $300 to put towards a groupset. Which makes me less hesitant to buy a nicer groupset.

    So I pose a question to you all: used Ultegra 6700 for less than $350, or new 105 5800 for slightly more than $350? Everything I've read points to the 105 set being better, but considering my only experience with gears was Ultegra 6600, anything would be a noticeable improvement. I doubt I can truly appreciate the difference between the two options with my limited experience. Plus I'd save like $50 and have some Ultegra "bling".


  • In line with the thread's title, I might be able to snag an Ultegra 6800 set for $400 used... Anyone need a kidney?

  • Shimano stuff just keeps getting better.

    6600 was great. 5800 pisses all over it. The new Tiagra is probably better than 6600. 5800 is a much as anybody who's not pro needs in a mechanical groupset in terms of function and weight.

  • I used it for the first time in my father in law's bike at the weekend. It's noticeably easier on the upshift that my 5700.

  • Snagged a used 5800 for $320... Not bad I guess??? All that's left is for everything to arrive and a matchy stem.

    edit: jk that was a lie. What shifter and brake cables should I go for? I was thinking the jagwire complete cable kit would do fine. And what color housing if so?


    or "Hi-tech" Grey:

    Or just go black?


  • Black!

  • Saddle arrived, so here's a quick and dirty mock-up, now with tires. Might just stick the wound up seatpost on this and dump the china carbon on the beater. But I think it looks a bit off here though, so we'll see. How does everyone else feel about the seatpost?

    Also, guess I'll be going with black cables/housing unless there are any dissenting opinions.

    Lastly, I haven't the slightest idea how to deal with cassettes and the like; the rear currently has a 8 speed SRAM cassette on it. I'm assuming I'll have to remove that, and get an 11 speed freehub body for the 105 cassette? Or can I just take off the old one and mash the new one on?

  • It's mostly finished, after some setbacks and delays! I'm ready to have my chest impaled by the steerer, and my butt by some china carbon. Will be adding a few spacers until I get the fit dialed in before cutting the steerer. Proper phone pictures to come when I take it out for an actual ride.

    Final build list:
    Look KG461 frame and fork
    -Shimano 105 5800 groupset
    -Ritchey Evocurve handlebars
    -Kalloy Uno 110mm 17 degree stem
    -China carbon SMP
    -China carbon seatpost
    -mismatched Ksyriums with shit tires

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  • Good choice for 5800 - can't go wrong.

  • Quite liked the LOOK with the Thomson and the Wound up post :(

  • After some quality time with the bike, here it is in it's current guise. Ditched the china carbon seatpost for the Wound Up because it didn't cradle the SMP well and kept sliding. Switched to the Wound Up fork because matchy-matchy and because I didn't want to cut the steerer tube on the Look fork. Didn't have good reason to switch stems other than that it was $40 shipped and the colors matched alright.

  • That's a solid 8.5/10 from me for the cabling: brakes in the correct levers and derailleurs into the correct stops.

    Docking half a point as the gear cables could be a tad shorter (they enter the stops at quite an angle) and a point for the order they're arranged: rear derailleur, front derailleur, rear brake, front brake?

    Literally back-to-front: FB, RB, FD, RD FTW!


  • PS It looks like you'd be better off with an inline seatpost, which is usually the case with SMP.

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LOOK at my poor financial decisions

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