• Traded my m8 a SimWorks Rhonda for this frame. It's a bit of a mystery, as I haven't been able to find one like it anywhere. It is labeled as a "Sport Cross," but all of the ones I've found online are lugged/not purple. This one is tigged, and very light. Tubeset sticker says "Miyata exclusive" blah blah. It's very possible it's not even a Miyata at all, as the decals are over-top of the paint. Tire clearance is through the roof. I think my m8 had a 29x2.1 setup in it at one point. So, the first thing I did was build up a light/fat wheelset for it. DT350s (with a 54t ratchet upgrade) to polished Velocity Quills running Compass 44s tubeless. Drivetrain will be 2x11 Potenza with White Ind VBCs and Ti bb (last couple pieces I'm waiting on). Gold kmc x11L cuz they're on sale and the tubeless valves I had laying around are gold. Purp/Gold royalty? This is by far my blingiest build. Cockpit to start will be NOS 3T dirt drop stem (has anyone run a slammed dirt drop stem? lol) I scored and some Nitto RM-013s. Paul Mini-motos. Polished, of course.

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  • If anyone can ID the frame, lmk. I've tried tracing the serials.

  • Source on the chain sale?

  • Sitewide KMC sale on QBP.

  • Triple cross from '93 / '94?


    Seems tig, fastback etc.

  • Bingo.

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  • Can't believe I missed that ...

    Anyhow — shaping up to be a nice build, sub'd! Looking to pick up something similar

  • Crankset came, so I pieced it together with what I have. Still waiting on bars, Nitto Rm-013, and that'll be it for a little while.

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  • These bars are like 40s and they ruin the otherwise divine ride. Can't wait for the wide Nittos.

    Miyata SportCross

  • this is awesome.

    2017/18 is the year of the blinged up hybrid.

  • Some updates. Scored a Technomic geezer stem and some 44cm noodles at swap for a score. Was running those for a little. Most comfort. Just put the RM-013s on and snapped some photos.

    Miyata SportCross

    Miyata SportCross

  • More pics

    Miyata SportCross

    Miyata SportCross

  • Pics aren't showing for me

  • Holy poops this looks amazing!

  • Pics don't show for me either, too bad coz I really want to see this. Love Koga Miyata

  • Pics working now?

    Miyata SportCross

    Miyata SportCross

  • Holy crap.. That is amazing!

  • Muy bien!

  • Well nice mate. I feel inspired

  • A phrase you'll rarely hear me say, but what a lovely purple! Can't wait to see this progress

  • how are the paul brakes? they look amazing

  • Love it!

  • Do you still have the bars from the first photos? Are they for sale and how wide are they?

  • I'm sure I've got something similar lying around. Will check

  • Uhhh. Hope it is wide :-)

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OG Purp Miyata Hybrid turned steel All-Road with a side of dirt drop

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