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  • Heya, I made a Minecraft chat because nobody has made one yet. Feel free to chat about anything you like to do with minecraft. Enjoy ;)

  • You joined the forum to start a thread on Minecraft, and one on hacking?

  • Surprised there is no chat here tbh, especially with more parents over the years.

    My daughter is loving pi minecraft but wants to play with her friend who lives a few streets away. I'm responsible for making this happen in conjunction with friends parents.

    Expecting it to be insanely difficult to achieve. We now have a chromebook but I'm having to hack that to run Linux first.

  • I have an old dell windows 7 laptop you can have free if that would help?

  • Oh wow, very kind offer thanks. It'd definitely probably help! It looks like I can run v1.12.2 but current version is 1.16.5, the later versions are taking an age to load or not loading at all.

    If I can get one version working ok I'll hold on for now if ok to save you hassle of postage etc (which i'd cover cost of if agreeable to you), but defo appreciate the offer.

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