USA Southern Tier Coast to Coast route

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  • Was looking for a longish distance bicycle route that will be warm in October/November and found out about this. Shortest route coast to coast across america, Florida to California.

    Anyone done it/know if the weather in those states will be as warm as i think? do i need to worry about bears etc?

    And if i need to spend a ridiculous amount on these maps:­and-maps/adventure-cycling-route-network­/southern-tier/

  • Few bears thar far South although there are lots snakes that way. My thoughts

    1. Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas are basically deserts. You can die if unprepared.
    2. The stretch from Hunt, TX over to Navasota will be stunning. The Texas Hill Country is amazing.
    3. Streetmap those roads - those 2 lane blacktops will have 55mph limits which most drive at 65. You'll need to be visible. A flag is not a bad idea where the terrain is hilly.
    4. Weather will be variable. Expect anything from 5-42C and humidity will be anywhere between 15%-115%.
    5. You will want weather alerts. Flash floods will be you biggest worry. 3-4" of rain in 90 minutes are pretty common between Texas and Florida. Those weather alerts are aimed at locals and include the counties affected. If you don't know where you are that will be a challenge. Saying that, the US can forecast the shit out of the weather. They are very accurate.

    (More thoughts later. On phone ATM)

  • Awesome, thank you! that's some really useful advice

  • Also. $25 for the entire GPX/digital maps is pretty cheap for 3000 miles of cycling. The print version is a bit on the high side.

  • Setting off now from San Diego, adventure cycling association have just released an app for the route which is lucky and will hopefully help me not run out of water in the desert. Will try to update on here if I remember.

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  • Please give us an update - sounds good. Hope you prepared. Looks like you carrying enough. Have fun!

  • Wow.Ride safe! Looking forward to your updates.

  • Was just popping in to recommend the ACA maps based on my experience using them on the Pacific Coast route but looks like you've got it covered. Bon voyage!

  • I did the Northern Trans America route in 2012 with the wife and had the best time ever.... We left in August and completed it in November. I got sooooo bored of being told 'we'd left it a bit late'. We were still camping in late October!

    Will do the Southern Route one day, so will definitely follow your progress. The ACA maps were invaluable and worth the expense / weight.

    Good luck - it's going to be epic.

  • Finishes the first section of San diego to phoenix and staying with a lively couple from Warm Showers.
    First section from San diego is a bit of shock fully loaded with long drags uphill before it gets to flat flat desert.

    Everyone I've met has been absolutely lovely and really tried anyway to help out, giving advice or contacting friends further along the route that I might be able to stay with. Campground owners are so much friendlier than Europe and seem super interested in what you're doing (guess it's gets boring talking to old people in RVs)

    Definitely underestimated how much water I need in the desert sections and have had to be inventive in strapping extra bottles anywhere I can.

    Had an absolute tonne of punctures and might have to buy marathon pluses, the tyre wire that comes of trucks is no joke.

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  • My people are lovely.

    (Avoid guns, politics, religion as convo topics)

    Looks amazing. Much sky. Very blue. Which reminds me - your definition of "epic landscape" will be permanently changed when this is done. In a good way.

  • Very envious....looks like an amazing experience!

  • Yeah this looks epic!

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USA Southern Tier Coast to Coast route

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