Cages for bottles

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  • Arguably one of the most important parts of any build. Keeping your H2O vessels secure is vital. So I thought I'd dedicate a thread to the humble bottle cage.

    Post what you got or what you like. Ask for suggestions, advice and experience.

    Stay hydrated

  • How have we overlooked this humble and completely essential part until now. No bike is complete without one.

    Minimal looking stainless cages, anything other than King to consider?

  • Nitto cages are nice

  • Use the King titanium on my Litespeed, simple and low-key.

  • Are there any side entry Ti cages?

  • King (iris can fuck off)
    Arundel Mandible Carbon
    Elite ciussi
    King Titanium

    In that order.

    Also King Cages' claim that bidons dont get marked is fake news.

  • Tune wassertrager 2's over here.

  • Tune wassertrager 2

    Are these the same as Enve's?

  • No is the answer

  • Thoughts on these?

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  • Think I've asked this before but why the Iris hate?

    I have 3 of me and think they're great.

    Definitely mark less than ali cages and hold very securely.

    I had a bad experience with Blackburn's ss cage a while ago but got another recently and it seems a lot better.

  • Elite Vico Carbon (saddle mounted) on my Fort.

    Fabric bottle and mount on Koga-Miyata

    Elite Ciussi Inox on build for my girlfriend and Dad.

    Happy enough with all of them really although the Fabric is a bit of a faff on rough roads.

  • Recommendations for bling cages?
    (doesn't have to hold bottles particularly well)

  • Ringle H2O

  • Maneki-neko

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  • Very Hip Hop!
    The saeco caad7 needs these, @PhilDAS

  • [EDIT: just realised the creak on my bike was in fact due to a crack in one of the cages. No longer recommended!]

    Highly recommended Ti cage, cheaper than King etc. Although I think mine were Lifeline branded and therefore probably the ones @Amey mentioned, these look otherwise identical. Holds bottles a lot tighter than its flimsy appearance would suggest.­-Titanium-Bottle-Cage_44257.htm

  • Tune and their multitude of quasifunctional H2O cartridge docks.

    Wasserträger Skyline

    Wasserträger Uni

    I actually quite like the Tacx Tao (for road biek). Inoffensive weight and looks, and cheap to boot.

    But really, King are king, even the Iris.

    Oh and Lifeline Ti (dicontinued??)

  • I'm pretty sure @hp93 got some similar to these from PlanetX fairly cheap.
    PlanetX being the risk factor... he likes to think he's dangerous

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Cages for bottles

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