Colnago Word cup diy re-spray

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  • Im repainting my colnago Word cup, and rebuilding it for the upcoming CX season. I'm going slightly rub it down and then paint it. All in for some crazy paint. The plan is to use Montana gold and 2k clear.

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  • Subbed

  • Basecoat is done. I will add a crackle effect over the basecoat. The fade is not the nicest, but okay for a rattle can paint job.

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  • Oooof, nice...

  • Addded some crackling paint. Turned out a bit reptile-ish. Anyway, quite happy with the result so far. Next up, decals and clear.

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  • And the project is expanding. I decided to remove the anodising from the gossamer cranks and polish it. Caustic soda, wet sanding with 400/600/800/1200 and then polishing with paste.

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  • Ooh, following.

  • looks brutal, keep us updated!

  • Nice paint job!

  • Added Decals and clear coated with 2K clear. No boiling of the paint! Win! 2K clear over NC-Acrylic. The decals was bought from eBay. Now it's time for some customizing of parts. Deanodizing polishing, maybe drillium.

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  • That paint job!

  • I really didn't like the look in the picture up thread after the crackle. However It looks excellent after the clear coat, good work.

  • That looks like a great finish. Does crackle paint come in other colours than black?

  • I really want to have a go at this now, looks amazing!

  • Thanks. Im really happy with the result for beeing a rattle can paint job.

  • Wow, absolutely stunning results!

  • Cracking job mate ;) That paint looks the biz wasn't into the first photo but it has turned out great.

  • Amazing. Wanna paint mine?

  • Excellent thread. How long has it taken you to get to this stage and what are the waiting /drying times between coats?

  • It's really cool, well done! Are the stickers under the clear coat already? If not, I'd consider moving the downtube sticker forward. Once you put the cranks in, the decal won't look centred:

  • great paint job, but decals ruins the overall look

  • Naah. Do not agree.

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Colnago Word cup diy re-spray

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