Cinelli Mash Parallax Cyanotype 2017 (completed)

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  • I thought that after being on here for some time, the moment to post my future project and asking for direction was overdue, so, without further ado let's get onto it.

    As the subject suggests I just ordered this frame:

    to replace my current ride:

    Now I am not sure other than the saddle and few accessories I'm going to keep and swap, maybe the wheels and the bar but definitely not the stem and the seat post. Big question mark around the crankset because I might need a 155mm but at the moment I don't know where to get one, maybe Rotor but I can't get my head around their site to understand if they have a 155mm track version.

    So here we start. Please any suggestion recommendation on what components I should look into do let me know. The frame itself was a "steal" (from the rrp price) so I have a decent budget of £500/£1000 for components, hence, help welcome.

  • hmm your bootleg looks 52-ish - aren't 155 cranks a tad short?

    also, doesn't rotor track have a funny chainline?

    sug75dd cranks? paul hubs?

  • @hma thanks for the suggestions, and yes it's a 52 but as you can notice it has a very short stem and that because it always was too big; after a the first bike fit I tried to take it close to my ideal position but it never quite worked so I'm going to get the new frame in 50.

    Problem with the 50 is the various people mention the crank arm touches the tyre. Now math and bikecad suggest otherwise but if that becomes a needed option I'd like to be prepared.

    Rotor does both, they do the oval chain ring but they also do the traditional circular shape. They have a track specific set but that goes as low as a 165. However they have other models in 155 but those have 110BCD and in that case the chain rings become 50+ which might be a bit too much. I wonder if one can just swap the arms in their sets. I sent them a message, waiting for an answer.

  • you could fit a direct mount ring, i think they are available for rotor.

    toe overlap on a track frame is pretty common, so i think it is a matter of getting used to it.. :)

  • @hma I couldn't find anything like that on their site or maybe I am just blind.

    As per toe overlap sure, I'm ok with it, but people are talking about crank overlap and that scares me a bit :)

  • An older parallax in 50cm with omniums, no crank overlap

  • Toe overlap is gonna be a problem I'm afraid. I wouldn't run super short cranks and make riding the thing worse to avoid it though.

  • @PhilDAS I know, as I said, if you do the math or you check on bikecad it doesn't but some owners says otherwise, also in some private messages:­arallax-2014-27089­ash-parallax-2014-19265

    That photo is also a bit misleading because of the angle, if you notice, you can see the left seat stay which means the "clearance" you see is not there.

    As per the 155mm crankset that's ok for my fit, we went through all the various permutation on the jig. The alternative would be increase the rake but that might be even worse. I could go from from the 28mm rake to 43mm with a columbus tusk air but that will make the trail collapse from 76mm down to 61mm (which to be fair I have no idea whether could bad or not).

    Also as I said, toe overlap it's ok, feet or "soft" and flexible, they can unclip if needed, a crank arm is hard and still :-)

  • Road bikes use 43mm rake so the handling will be different yes but not "bad" I'd say.
    Or find a 35mm track fork I guess

  • @PhilDAS that too... the tusk air looks very nice though... it will need repainting but that's ok :-)

  • By the way, in case I decide to don't keep the rims, what would people recommend? It seems like around most talk about H+Son are they any good? Is there anything else around there worth it? Something that is also more comfy and practical? I read that the archetype have a bit of an harsh ride.

  • heard great things about HUNT rims for what its worth. There's a thread somewhere on here where they were recommended in response to a question much like yours.

  • @mdle cheers thanks, I'll search it.

  • what would people recommend?

    What kind of rims match your taste? Deep section aero/carbon or shallow rims?

  • @danslecarton good question, I don't mind a bit of deep section but not too crazy, the current rims I have are 38mm and I think that as much as I would go.

    I did check out Hunt as @mdle recommended but they told me that don't do fixed gear/ss wheels, I do guess I could always buy their rims anyway and build the wheel myself though.

    I saw some pictures of parallax with H+Son archetype on, and they look quite slick as well.

    Surely this time around I will make sure I don't have too much white on the bike other than the frame :-)

  • Main thing is rim width, treat yourself to some cushiony comfort with a wide rim and the resultant lower tire pressure.
    Not sure what your budget is but spinonthese do track wheel sets.

  • @danslecarton something like these for example would look nice I think:­ns/rims/products/hunt-race-season-aero-w­ide-road-rim-490g-31deep-24wide-89-each­ns/rims/products/hunt-race-aero-superdur­a-rim-490g-31deep-24wide-28-32holes-89­ns/rims/products/hunt-4season-aero-v2-ri­m-475g-28deep-24wide-24-28holes-69

    You got an idea.

    @mdle I don't want to go beyond £1500 for the all build to be fair and considering I got the frame new for £479 that leave me with £1000 top for all the rest.

  • I have a set of these on my road bike, great value, pretty sure they do track sets on request. There are 10% discount codes on romance cc RMNC10 IIRC.

  • Grimpeur seems the one for me, in case I choose those. Spinonthese are quite sick as well and not too far off the parcours in price, although both are going to basically drain my budget for the rest of the build :-)

  • arguably the most important parts though innit:)
    spinonthese are the widest I've seen but the Parcours are in my experience pretty mint. My experience was limited to Miche Pista on track and Zipp 60 on road, Parcours are so comfortable in comparison and very very grippy on top.

  • I cannot argue with that, wheels and tyres are surely very important for many aspect of the ride.

    I'll definitely scout around a bit but I'll surely keep your advice in mind.

  • AFAIK hunt rims are restickered Kinlin XR31T. Take a look at the wheel building thread...

  • @Heldring yeah I think I read something similar, does that mean good or bad? I admit my complete lack of knowledge on the topic, till now I only restricted myself to ride the bike rather than get into all the little details, so please bear with me.

    What about H+Son archetype? Same as Hunt in terms of rebranded wheel of other giant manufacturer?

  • Those rims are a very good choice if you like the aesthetics: they're well reviewed, wide, aero and stiff so match them to some cheap track hubs eg novatec/formula and you'll be fine. A good wheelbuilder should be able to sort you out. You could also lace them yourself. Track wheels are a good place to start wheelbuilding.

    Archetypes are also nice, and well reviewed but a bit pricey and too much hhsb 'by the numbers' if you care. My choice would probably be the new Mavic Open Pro UST or Kinlin XR-22 since they're shallow which I like better on this frame. You can also get disc specific rims (ie no brake track, lighter) if you don't run brakes

  • @Heldring I'll check out your options too. I think I will run a front brake just for safety and legality, you never know what could happen.

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Cinelli Mash Parallax Cyanotype 2017 (completed)

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