Red Bull Timelaps

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  • Not right now!
    Have fun.

  • Took third mixed team, pretty happy with that. Special fixie award for @Lukas and co.

  • It's all a bit Insta this event innit.

    Ruined my ride through the park.

  • Dunno about that, yet to find any decent pics of me riding

  • We did end up with this rather nice trophy even if pics have yet to materialise

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  • NDS fail

  • oscc

  • What did winners win?

  • A brown chainring, duh!

  • Sweet !

  • winners got a gold chainring

  • Sucks that spectators get kicked out of the park from dusk till dawn.

  • Yeah, it would certainly help keep an atmosphere going, to allow people to stay, as they do with Le Mans. It's Health and Safety gone mad, shame really.

  • Dunno if it was just me, but I thought the atmosphere was pretty good last year during the dark periods. Plenty of good team / random person chat in the big tent thing.

    I did notice they've upped it to 800 riders this year, so extra 75 teams on the course. Reckon that might get a bit mental if they don't change or update the course, especially on that narrow down into 'death corner' before the last climb.

  • I thought atmosphere in the small hours was pretty good too.
    Can see increase in participation being a problem only on the first few laps, because that was a contributing factor to the crash early on last year (although it was mainly one guy's fault, pulling a dumb cutting-in move and giving the rider on his inside at 'death corner' nowhere to go).
    Loved having to take that corner flat out fixed with everyone else coasting.
    I think the course could definitely take more riders, because for me it felt a bit sparse most of the time.
    I think there were 150 slots last year, but only 130ish raced, so think they're banking on a similar % of entrants not turning up while filling the course a bit more (and making a bit more money in the process).

  • Another year, anyone riding?

    After two years on a road bike, gonna switch it up to the SS this year for a bit of fun.

  • Yeah I am, I will be racing on an Isen so come and say hello.

    What category are you racing?

  • How was it? From the instagram updates I was getting it looked just about as miserable as last year and was very glad to have skipped it this time.

  • Yes weather was pretty wet sat afternoon, then cold overnight, but then Sunday it was banging.

    Worst thing wasn’t the course, but the main hub. The mud was horrific.

    If nothing else, made it more interesting! Wouldn’t say that at the time, but looking back... especially the trees at night. There is something magical about the event.

    Saw the Isen, but nobody in pit at time to say hello too. Think I was the only person on a singlespeed. Course lent itself quite well, but the hills became a chore.

    All in all, the 1st year was the best. Think I’m done with it now.

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Red Bull Timelaps

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