CP: Specialized Tricross Singlecross SSCX // for sale

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  • Cross Cross Cross...

    Despite having the lamest name in the cycling industry, this frame has a lot of potential.

    It is super light and once the OG forks are replaced with full carbon ones you have the basis for a great SSCX.

    The hydro formed tube might not be pretty but the flattened and very wide top tube makes shouldering comfortable like no other cross bike I have ridden.

    Frame and forks are currently being painted RAL 7032 Pebble Grey.

    Build plan is simple. As light as possible without compromising my safety. And I will use bin parts before buying and then upgrade as I progress.


    • Rotor 3d cranks + rotor bsa bb + SRAM 10sp 42T
    • Fizik saddle
    • Deda RHM01 bars
    • TRP Cx8.4 brakes (if mud becomes an issue I'll go back to Avid Shorty 6)
    • Carbon seatpost
    • 3T Arx stem 120mm
    • Kmc chain and surly ss kit
    • TRP RRL levers

    Regarding wheels i am going to see if I can modify a Novatec D252SB 32h BMX hub based on @svendhöek experiences.
    Idea is I will remove 15mm of the hub axle somehow and trim down the disc bolt thread flange on a lathe. Should make a nice light but strong wheel build with DT Rev spokes and a light rim. I am looking at something like Kinlin xc279. But I am open to suggestions here.
    Cheap, wide, relatively light, strong and tubeless is the dream.

    I will race this bike this upcoming season so I am in a bit of a hurry.
    Cross is coming!

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  • This hub:

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  • Had issues with similar bolts on an old genesis sscx I raced on. Make sure they're not made of cheese/keep the wheel in place

  • I've got that hub on my Straggler. The bearings are a decent size, and have lasted well so far. The freehub developed some noise, but it's very simple to service.

    I wasn't keen on those small bolts, so used a QR skewer, seeing as the axle is hollow.

  • Rather than messing around with a hub and potentially hurting yourself, why not buy something fit for purpose?

  • I am not aware of any 120mm splined freehub rim brake hubs.
    I don't like the idea of freewheels and threaded track hubs as I would need to change cogs in muddy conditions. Splined ss kits are much more hassle free.
    I am not removing anything from the hub that can cause death. I am just going to shorten the axle by 15mm and see if I can modify or buy new end caps.

    As for the bolts @BareNecessities and @psg1ben I haven't decide how I am going to use the hub yet. But one thought is to bore out the end caps and use a 10mm through axle instead of a qr. I have just gone through a cx season using shimano cam qrs and I have had zero slippage

  • https://www.fyxation.com/collections/six­-fyx-shifting-system/products/copy-of-si­x-fyx-conversion-kit-hub-only

    There's these two, but both are not obtainable for normal money + I like the challenge and I like @svendhöek 's work.

  • I don't like the idea of freewheels and threaded track hubs as I would need to change cogs in muddy conditions.

    I've been toying with the idea of building up a SSCX bike, but changing cogs during a race never occurred to me. Is this just in case of breakage? Or something else?

  • This would be amazing if it was a free hub

  • Welll, Profile Elite is splined and could be spaced to 120 but it's spendy!

  • No, not during races. But I'll go to a race and realise after a training lap that I am unfit and course is hilly so I'll need my 21T instead of my 19T. And on my way home from Hog Hill Id like my 17T etc... All of which will be sorted in less than ideal conditions. Plus it will be lighter.
    Plus Freewheels suck and are expensive if you want quality.

  • Think I saw a custom CK 120 spaced hub built onto the same bike as mine (Cinelli CXSS)
    Made especially for the build on some custom painted enve rims. Super jealous as I know I'm never gonna have it that good without a lottery win!

  • Ok, thanks. I'd heard about shit freewheels but just figured this was something I'd have to suck up. Either for a good one or many cheap ones.

    Will be interested in your solution anyhow :)

  • Makes beating them even sweeter though

  • I am actually having second thoughts as I research.


    If I can live with silver hubs and neo-retro look the SunXCD is actually quite light and exactly what I need. Hmm I also thought they would be more expensive.
    I payed £80 for the Novatec hub.

  • Yeah I get a similar feeling every race I finish ahead of geared riders,
    Although I'm not always the first singlespeed past the line!

  • Nice, why not get the hubs painted

  • Yes, I'm well aware.
    Only races I enter where I'm first ss are ones he doesn't enter...
    I have plenty of excuses haha

  • I don't how that would be. Thinking...

  • Well, it'll kinda ruin the original aesthetic of the hub but the shiny hub isn't gonna go with the new frame paint so well?
    If it's custom painted go for a full colourway you're happy with!
    Surely they're small enough not to cost a bomb to paint

  • I spent a while looking for a 120mm freehub rim. The closest I got was an old Shimano BMX hub. Its not 120 but I planned to respace the axle a bit (112m so 8mm, from memory).

    It was an earlier version of this:

    Actually here they are:

    The hubs I bought were quite crummy in the flesh and I didn't think the weather sealing would stand much abuse. I was intending to get a more modern version (although lots are 14mm axle nowadays) but never quite got round to it. Still got the old ones.

    Good luck, looks interesting.

  • Cos what are you gonna learn and experience from that?

    Rather than crossing the street to go shopping and being hit be a meteor, watch bargain hunt....

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CP: Specialized Tricross Singlecross SSCX // for sale

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