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  • Add multiple GPX files?

  • Hi @Yemble - This is an awesome tool. But I'm having trouble exporting a gpx and POIs to go back to RWGPS - It's a 700km route with pretty much all the POIs ticked and when I upload it to RWGPS there are no POIs and the original cue sheets are also gone.

    Is it because the file is too long/too many POIs? If so is there any rough guide as to how long a route it can handle? Thanks.

  • Add multiple GPX files?

    Like, end to end so it treats it as one? Or just for convenience so you don't need to switch between em?

  • @cjr Do you have a paid account on rwgps? Looks like you might need that in order to import POIs - I just tried even a short route with points and it imported into rwgps but no POIs.

    Never thought about cue sheet.. the site won't export it so that explains why it disappears when re-imported to rwgps. But it might be quite easy to keep the existing one from rwgps and include it with the re-export, if it's in the loaded route. I'll look into it.

    Update: No luck, sorry. Added the section to export but rwgps ignores it when re-uploaded.

  • Thanks for the update, I have a premium RWGPS account so it's not that, if I get it working I guess I could regenerate the cue sheet, but it's the TAW fixed route so I'm wary about messing with the original gpx.

    Ultimately I want to be able to glance at a map, wahoo or rwgps and see where the next food and water stop is. I was planning on doing it manually along the route but your site appeared to be the perfect solution!

    How does everyone else do it for a set route? Is there a way to import just the POIs and add them to the route on RWGPS?

  • Convenience mostly.

    Also, can it compare road surfaces like Komoot? That'd be useful.

  • I just set RWGPS to Google Map type and then you can see services. I star them in Google Maps though, I don't normally bother adding POIs for them.

  • ^ yeah gmaps is the way to go really. It has vastly more POI data than OSM does.

    Also, can it compare road surfaces like Komoot? That'd be useful.

    Can you post a screenshot? I downloaded komoot and had a look but didn't find that feature.

    You can hit the "unpaved" toggle on the maps tab in routecheck to highlight those roads within the current view box.

  • Has the fucking image upload on this site ever worked first go for anyone?

  • I can't see it doing anything. Also, when I click unpaved to off and hit refresh it checks it again.

  • Scratch that, it's thrown a bunch of red lines over the map now.

  • VB paid you to say that. #fakenews

  • Yup, OSM db isn't fast. I should make it do the current route area only instead of the whole map.

  • Or, can you make it only highlight differences on the route itself?

  • Maaaaybe. If the OSM path info is a close match for the route points that might be possible.

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