Market in 2017

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  • Hi everyone,

    I have been away for quite a long while because sometime life happens and shuffles you around and I lost contact with fixed/ss scene for almost two years I think.

    Now that I am back with great surprise I realise that it's all gone or so it seems. What happen to the various known brand like leader, dodicicli, and so forth. All gone? Did the industry squeezed every possible profit drop off of the market and there is nothing left now?

    What are the "quality" player (quoted because I am not sure there was one ever anyway) still available nowadays? I'd really like to get up to speed if possible, thanks.

  • Check out Foffa

  • Not gone away, just changed over time as it always has.

    Aventon is the new Leader - low quality aero tube alu frames.

    Brother Cycles are newish in the stylish but utility area.

    Milec still making customs I think.

    LOW still going and still overpriced.

    And on, and on and ariston..


    Dolan changed their logo/font!

  • @sacredhart I might, I remember them as utterly overpriced piece of crap though... maybe time changed them

  • @salmonchild yeah I noticed, Dolan kind of still out there with the like of Specialized, Cinelli and Fuji. Googling around brought up also the like of Pure Cycle and Unknown which I vaguely remember from the past. What's the current opinion on those? Or to better put it, where is the quality when it comes to OTP? Or as back then, custom builds are still the way to go?

  • I don't think there's a lot of money in building bikes. A lot of people do it for the love and probably only just scrape by. They come and go.

    Fashions change. This doesn't help someone who has entered a market building fashionable things.

  • @Jonny69 custom builders, the one I knew seem to be still around though... but I get what do you mean; the same happened with the supermoto scene, the hype is gone and manufacturer gave up.

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Market in 2017

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