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  • Bought this frame off the forum recently:

    De-stickered and with wheels:

    Going to get the bottom bracket re-threaded to get rid of some of the rust and replace the headset with a 105 headset I have lying around then the first step is to transfer all the bits over from this project

    Think I want to get some Pista (?) bars rather than risers and a front/porteur rack.

    I'd love it too look something like this after a few of upgrades:

  • Looking good already!

    Think I want to get some Pista (?) bars

    I'd go for some compact drops. In my experience pista drops are too deep and the tops are not as comfortable as compacts.

    Take a look at this thread if you're interested. Some popular choices are Deda Piega or Procraft Compact.

  • Ta.
    There's something about the shape of Pista bars that I really like though, even if they aren't as practical.

    Turns out the brakes I have aren't a long enough drop, and I can't fit the nut in the hole in the back of the fork.

    Any ideas on longer drop brakes with a longer mounting bolt or do I need to drill the hole wider?

  • Will you be using cross-top levers? Road levers won't sit nicely on track drops.

    Tektro R559 are long drop and mount using an external, hex nut.

    Options for mounting recessed, Allen tube nuts here.

    Drilling a fork without a drill press is likely to result in the holes not being co-axial and your caliper sitting at an angle. You won't have access to drill the seatstay bridge from the front and unless there's a boss, that wouldn't be a good idea anyway.

  • I've got some dirty harry cross-tops I'm planning on using.
    Those tektros look ideal!

  • Have some cheap track drops here if you want to try them out. Also have a brake extender bolt which might be the solution to your front caliper.

  • Need drops for a 1 inch clamp unfortunately. How does the brake extender bolt work @Squaredisk ?

  • It's one of these. Gives you a longer bolt to fit a standard nut to. Doesn't solve the long drop issue though!

  • Better late than never - quick snap of current build before further upgrades

  • Nice, but long way to go still :)

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  • haha, yup!

    Drive-side photo:

  • New wheels, tyres, crankset and saddle

  • Took a slightly different direction with this inspired by LFGSS clichés; had a metro porteur rack on it until recently upgrading to a Pelago commuter.

  • Chucking a few other bikes into the same thread I bought this Raleigh Wisp off the forum a few years ago:

  • Built up for the girlfriend in its current single speed guise:

  • Current work in progress is a Raleigh Ascender bought from here:

  • Inspired by the wanker (but more realistically the sub-wanker) hybrids I'm on the hunt for:

    • bougie flat pedals
    • ano seat post clamp
    • narrow wide chainring
    • chunky tyres (Maxxis minions)
    • 1 x 11 groupset
    • kool stop salmon brake pads
    • brooks cambium saddle
  • In the hunt for a 21.1mm stem adapter I found this monstrosity on ebay so I'll be planning the rest of the build around it

  • Hell yes, that stem is ludicrous!

  • This post might be peak LFGSS. I love it.

  • I was going to rename the thread Geoff's LFGSS clichés but there won't be enough Thomson or Paul to really claim that title

  • Pink or purple pedals is the question on everyone's mind

  • In fact - I think purple is the obvious answer

  • Buy two sets, use different ones for each crank arm obviously.

  • stupid I didn't think of that really

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G & Co's bikes

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