**SOLD** 2017 Parlee Z1 Pista Carbon Track (55.5cm) **SOLD**

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  • Hi all,

    I have just purchase a 2017 Parlee Z1 carbon track frame, handmade in the USA this year to the original owner's specification in February 2017.

    The frameset retails for about 7,999$ new currently, mainly linked to the fact that Parlee make every part of this frame in-house, including the tubes.

    Here’s some features on the frame:

    · Handmade in the USA
    · Built using Parlee’s stiffest, custom XD tubeset, designed for sprinting
    · Track-specific solid carbon rear brake bridge
    · Titanium rear dropouts
    · Chris King 1 1/8” headset
    · Enve road fork (43mm rake)
    · English threaded BB shell
    · Parlee 31.6mm carbon seatpost

    The frame has a ‘waxed’ finish, and has the Parlee logos very subtly etched into the frame on the downtube, and seatstays, with a black reflective “P” logo on the headtube.

    The lugs are finished in a distinct 3k weave, that provides a good contrast to the appearance of the unidirectional carbon used on the tubes.

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  • Good man. Almost pushed the button for this but the Talbot had precedence :) looking forward to the build! T

  • No set plans for the build yet, perhaps some all american parts?

    Like a Zipp Stem & Bars + Zipp Vuma Chrono cranks.

    I have spare 28h wide carbon rims from @ekudduke and Goltec titanium track hubs so I will likely build them for this.

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  • This is going to be so black and boring. Yawn.

  • Twin pink Arrospok

  • Haha. It's amazing. I hope you manage to get some crazyness captured in the finished bike.

  • brilliant

  • 8000$???

  • Expensive mexican labour in the USA

  • Fuck me that's a lot of champagne.

  • Available to purchase at trade price for LFGSS...

  • Nice ride! I would change that black Chris King headset for a bright coloured set. Maybe CK turquoise.

  • +1 ano colours are the way to go.
    https://www.leboncoin.fr/velos/116209051­4.htm?ca=7_s 'cheap' carbon wheels - when compared to the price of the frame...

  • Most interested in a build since that guy started mixing Sora with disc brakes.

  • frame looks like the carbonification of pure understatement, needs some colour imo.

  • Got a set of Rotors going if they'd suit your build mate? Cheers. Tom

  • Are you going to fit an electric motor on it, like your other bike?

  • I am beyond chuffed that this frame went on the forum! If it was a 53 I would definitely have had a go.

    Mad bargain on the RRP as well.

    I say murder it out, black with small silver hints. It's going to look great no matter what happens with the components you've got already.

  • The other bike falls into the utility category so electric assistance is acceptable.

    Unlike the electronic assistance and magic bidons Chris Froome is using on the TdF right now...

  • The proprietary BB on the Rotors puts me off.

    I have a DA track crankset in France on my Pinkarello so I will probably get a Miche Pista Air on it to go 'all italian' and use it on this.

    Seeing that I don't do track, this will probably end up with wide risers like the Bridgestone Anchor PH9M.

    In an ideal world, I would like a full American built but the choice of 'real' cranks is limited apart from Phil Woods & Paul Components

  • No matt black "3k carbon effect" crank boots yet?

  • No matt black "3k carbon effect" crank boots yet?

    If I buy brand new cranks, you can bet I will fit crank boots!

    Joke aside, could we please start a list of American companies producing bike parts in America?

    I will start with:

    • Parlee
    • Zipp
    • Phil Wood
    • PAUL Components

    Then technically FSA and Easton are American corporations but their stuff is made in the far east.

  • Not sure if Zipp produces anything in USA anymore...

    1. Enve (still make their rims but rest of components are outsourced!)
  • White Industries
    Wound Up

    Some of the old Reynolds finishing kits like Ouzo

  • SRAM? But I suppose you don't want to use Omniums on this one.

    Edit: they also seem to produce in Taiwan mainly


**SOLD** 2017 Parlee Z1 Pista Carbon Track (55.5cm) **SOLD**

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