• Delving deeper into the world of fixed and after buying my Moser Pista, I have decided to try and build something nice with Japanese parts this time.

    Frame =No idea at the moment.
    (I do like a Nagasawa, 3rensho, Kalavinka, Samson)

    Group set = DA 10 pitch.

    Wheels =Undecided but likely to be Araya.

    H/S = DA probably 7200.

    Stem= DA of some kind, probably 7200.

    Bars=Not sure.

    Seat post =Again DA probably 7200.

    Saddle =Unknown.

    Pedals - DA and probably 7400 track.

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  • This gunna be good

  • Any suggestions /things to avoid /recommendations gladly received as always.

  • Ah u found a 10pitch group? Nice!

  • @MCamb Yes mate, with a full set of tools as well.

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  • Tool set

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  • Chain breaker

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  • Stunning, Such a good find. Love classic / old timey tools

  • Wow mate u hit the jackpot there. How about an Umezawa to put it onto ;)?

  • Thanks, I'm very happy with it.
    I bought it on here.

  • I like your frame but it's too big for me.

  • No worries man :) hope u find something deserving of the GS, it's truly stunning!

  • Oh snap, even the tools!

  • The wheels are going to have to be Araya IMHO and after doing a bit of research, the three contenders are -
    Araya 16b, Araya Super Aero SA30 and the modern version SA730.
    Anyone have experience of these rims ?
    Of course it may all depend on the frame which is yet to be found.

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  • Great start,

    with that group set you are well along the 10 pitch "road to madness" !

    I will be interested to see how this comes along...

    regards Allister

  • I have SA-730's on my Samson and Araya Golds on my Nagasawa for track. (not updated Photos yet)
    Full builds: Here

    They both fit HOSHI Keirin stainless double butted racing spokes on Dura Ace HB-7600 32hole & 36hole.

    -If you are planning on riding on the streets i would recommend SA730. They fit clincher tyres, and can handle more bumps and bangs on the road, and have a flat braking surface. I love mine
    -Araya Super Aero SA30 defiantly give swag points for being the vintage version.
    -Where as Araya Golds are better rims and a lot lighter but they take tubular tyres, which can be a pain changing at the side of the road.

    If your looking for a seat post:

  • Thanks for the information on the rims.
    Seat post, I will pass on as I think it will have to be DA.

  • Pedals -

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  • Saddle -

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  • Anyone tried Araya Rc-540 rims?

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  • Anyone tried this new front brake adapter, I think the cylinder part is fitted into the steerer tube and you can then fit a brake of your choice.

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  • That looks cool, I guess it means you can't use as large tyres?

    Any idea on price?

  • It must have an impact on tyre size I would of thought but has something called standoff spacers to move the tyre away from the adapter.
    Track Supermarket have them for 16040 jpy which is around £110

  • If you're willing to spend this kind of money, why not get a second fork and drill it. You can keep the OG fork in the drawer for wall-hanger duties or if you're selling it again. The quill-thingy will look like a bodge and running 20c tyres won't be very pleasant for road use either.

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We're on a road to nowhere,.............. Well I'm on a road to nowhere. (Dura Ace 10 pitch)

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