• Couple of frames that I need to shift, and I'd rather do it here than Ebay/the recycling centre if possible.

    First up is a Concorde in Columbus Aelle 55cm CTC square and what was once a pretty nice paint job in burnt orange with yellow and black fades. Campy Mirage headset and nice chromed fork with Concorde logo pantograph included. This was my commuter for a year or so until a couple of accidents left it with, erm, issues.

    Issues: stuck seatpost, drive side drop out broken clean through the line of the adjustment screw, generally tatty condition.

    Worth £25 to anyone for the headset/fork/repair?

    Secondly, a Cougar 54.5cm CTC, specifically the one from this advert. You can read all about it there. Sadly, my local friendly framebuilders suggest that the seatpost is well and truly stuck (ie would need destroying to remove) and that the repair to the crack below the seatpost would cost more than the frame is worth. Bottom bracket has loads of play so would need replacing, headset still good and fork is sound.

    Again, worth £25 to anyone?

    Feel free to tell me if I'm having a giraffe with either of these, 'cos I need them gone.

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  • Messaged!

  • How did that break happen on the DO of the Concorde?

  • I'd take the concorde frame for free if someone buys for the forks and doesn't want the frame. Want to practise brazing

  • Was in an accident where another cyclist barrelled into me from behind. Couple of weeks later I'm shifting gears and suddenly the rear mech has flown up into the spokes with half the dropout still attached to it. Pretty annoying all round.

  • Interesting offer. Anyone want the fork/headset? Alternatively you could take the lot off my hands for something between £0 and £25 - make me an offer...

  • That is of course unless @getoutofbed wants it - have replied to a question by PM.

  • Concorde provisionally going to @getoutofbed, anyone interested in the Cougar?

  • I'm interested in the cougar, depending where you are...

  • Hi @Dogtemple, I'm in Leytonstone for lives and Vauxhall for works, able to meet at either or between, but would prefer closer to home.

  • Snapped Concorde now back on the road. Thanks @E11_FTW was a pleasure

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  • Success story! Good work

  • Thanks and great work, @getoutofbed

    Anyone fancy the Cougar?

  • Thought you might want to see it back in working order so here you go, being used as single speed commuter and it’s working like a charm

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Frames with issues for cheaps - Cougar 54cm, Concorde 55cm

Posted by Avatar for E11_FTW @E11_FTW