calling bikes "she"

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  • Although I completely agree with the sentiment - a bike is a 'thing' and does not have sex/gender - a few thoughts:

    1 - I'm guessing the habit is nautical in origin, which in and of itself, although dated, is not so sinister:

    "But people generally agree on the more romantic notion of the ‘ship as a she’ phenomenon: that it stems from the tradition of boat-owners, typically and historically male, naming their vessels after significant women in their lives — wives, sweethearts, mothers. Similarly, and more broadly, ships were once dedicated to goddesses, and later also to mortal women of national or historic significance, thereby bestowing a benevolent feminine spirit on the vessels that would carry seafarers across treacherous oceans."

    2 - Mrs The Kindness of Trees assumes her cars to be male. Indeed, her current car is called Francis. (Previous vehicles include Fu Manchu and Wesley.) I'm fairly sure nobody has ever given her any grief for doing this.

    ... and yet when the guy at work refers to his (mountain) bikes as 'she' I'm squirming inside. I also very much object to people describing bikes as 'sexy'.

  • hhsrb, pub bike, beater, hhsmtb, hhsttb, bike porn

  • None HAS a gender.

  • Bob and Ron. I don't talk to them though, they're not plants.

  • Mrs The Kindness of Trees


    You did that on purpose

  • Can bieks be trans?

  • Can they b Mx? Think so.

  • Ragnarok & Shepard are my two trusty steeds.

    Leaning towards mythical than gendered.

  • Having a dedicated thread all about your one new bike* is fucking sad too, no?

    *'project' 'build' etc etc

  • Also referring to cycling as 'biking' makes me think of those fatties with denim jerkins on Honda Goldwings ... stop it, Americans.

  • Quiver

  • Naw it's fun. More room for banter etc

  • I'll throw my hat in here.

    English people using american swear words like "douche"
    Over reliance on internet tropes like "do u even XXX" and "le sigh" and all that shit
    Over reliance on ten-year-old forum bullshit bingo phrases like "pukes on cock"

  • Ha, I've seen this already. There's also one with a lady that loves the Eiffel Tower (size queen!). Beautifully sad.

  • People using the calling bikes "she" thread as the I Hate... thread

    ...wait a second

  • Mmm, Robin Hood Cycles.

  • I'm going to sell a bike - I'll put her in Classified.

    Hate to see her go.

  • pics please.

    and price ?

  • Is this still for sale?

  • Named in order of acquisition.

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  • I don't know who you think you are to tell my bikes what they should identify as. I let my bikes choose whichever gender or object they wish to be.
    Seriously, this thread is so backward.

  • Lots of people name their bikes. Lots of cunts.

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calling bikes "she"

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