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  • Hi all,

    had a bit of a shitty few weeks, maybe talking about my bike will cheer me up!

    thought I'd show the progress of my baby...

    Story behind this, I've been after a 54cm 1994 Colnago Master Olympic in the AD10 paint scheme for literally 3 or 4 years, searching eBay once a week, waiting for the right one to come up, it never did. They were either NOS, meaning I didn't want to pay stupid money and use the frame, or totally battered, which I also didn't want.

    I rang a good friend who collects vintage bicycles, to see whether he had any frames good for winter use (this was last October). I turned up at his workshop for him to show me terrible frame after terrible frame, and then I saw it... the exact size, the exact model, exact condition I was after.

    "Is the Colnago for sale?"

    "Errrrrrr, mmmmmmmm, I guesssss?"

    We shook hands on the deal, I went to the cash machine as fast as I could, just in case any passer-by happen to look in his workshop and also be on the hunt for a 54cm Master Olympic in AD10 paint...

    Walking home with the frame in my hand, I was able to feel the Gilco tubing. I know it's only a bike frame, but I feel proud that I've finally got one.

    As soon as I got home, I cleaned the frame internally and externally, before claying and waxing. This is what I was left with:

    Condition is 'used', but the chrome is fantastic, paint has a few chips and scratches here and there, but it is almost quarter of a century old!

    DSC_0690 by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

    I then put some parts together, to try and get a build going...

    DSC_1136 by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

    I quite fancied having the bike built up period correct, as I had a brand new Tarmac running some nice kit, but I later sold that bike to fund a different project, so I'm just left with the Colnago. I then purchased more 8 speed parts, until the shifters arrived... I got them out the bag and held them in my hand, absolutely no way was I going to use them. The shape of the hood itself was not nice, plus I didn't like how it shifted. I thought I'd just go to 9 speed, but they wheels wouldn't take it, literally every single part was wrong! I sold all of the parts, so I was down to just the F&F again, 2 steps backwards!

    I wanted modern campag on my Italian bike, but I quite like Ultegra and Dura Ace, and I didn't feel comfortable paying DA money for mid range campag, so Veloce 10 speed it was. It feels a little plastic and not as precise as D.A etc, but I do quite like it, but I wouldn't fit it to any bike other than a beautiful Italian number.

    Here's where she's currently at...

    DSC_4514 by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

    DSC_4530 by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

    Asthetically, the build is a little uninspiring, but it does ride amazingly well. I had about a week without a bike when I sold my Tarmac, so I basically purchased everything in 1 day to get it build for that weekend. Turbo saddle and simple campag wheels not really my first choice, but I just wanted to get it built.

    I still have a lot of work to do:

    . 1 1/8th adapter, black Zipp stem (slammed, no less)
    . Black carbon seatpost, possibly FSA K-force de-branded and lacquered
    . Arione or SLR saddle
    . Clincher gumwalls (any reccomendations? I haven't tried any of them)
    . Slowly upgrade each component to 10 speed record if I stick with campag, but I'd like to put eTap on it.
    . Upgrade wheels, either 38mm carbon or shamal mille

    Thanks :)

  • Really awesome frame, one of the nicest paint schemes

  • Crashed into the back of someone with road rage, they brake checked me, I went into the rear windscreen. I've split my chin open, hurt my back and neck quite badly, spent time in hospital.

    Police absolutely terrible, made me feel like a criminal.

    More details soon...


    20121062_10155365486380309_1170351007_n by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

  • Glad you got out of it. So long as you're ok. There will be other bikes. Fork is a write off but how's the frame?

  • Man, that sucks. Especially after waiting on a frame that long. I hope you're still okay though!

  • Like those pink highlights in the paint.

  • Sorry to hear that. Maybe @Velocio has some advice re police and prosecution from his experience as a road rage vicitim.

  • I've nothing I can add. The police were useless for me, and I didn't have enough for any kind of private prosecution. Just glad my insurance paid out.

    This one is even less likely to result in anything, because whomever goes into the back of another is in the wrong by default.

  • Surely there must be something I can do, as the police were really unhelpful and condescending, also the driver did this for the sole reason of me going into the back of him?

  • But you shouldn't have been close enough that you couldn't stop. In the eyes of the law.
    If a kid ran out in front of the car, you'd still have gone into the back of him.

  • True, but I just really do feel like I've came 2nd here, I spent the day in hospital and have a trashed bike, after he purposely caused an accident :(

  • Not true, if a driver swerved in front of you and braked after they had passed you it would be the driver's fault, difficult to prove though. Sad news about the whole shitty thing though. Police are too often dreadful in cases like this.

  • Surely there must be something I can do

    If you have compelling evidence such as CCTV or a roadside witness then yes, there probably is. But as in VB's case, if you don't have anything strong / watertight kinda understandably the hands of the police are tied.

    Obviously gutted for you and the bike :(

  • He didn't say that happened though.

  • Yes, I have CCTV of it happening :)

  • blows dust

    Ok so I've had a massive amount of fun riding this bike since I first got it!

    22780413_10155660882100309_7369282212839­773298_n by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

    I went to the Canary Islands a few weeks ago, it was awesome!

    20799028_10155461385650309_7269850076802­749820_n by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

    26219555_10155861904250309_4781999035339­796917_n by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

    26196250_10155864509605309_3356227688378­654428_n by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

    Upon trying to return, I needed to keep my bike under 22kg so I wouldn't be charged extra.

    I put my seat post, pedals, brakes and tools in my backpack for hand luggage...

    "sorry mate, you can't take that seatpost onboard with you, you'll have to book it in as extra luggage"
    Not wanting to pay maybe £50 for this, I just begrudgingly said "keep it" and got on my flight.

    I've had a very few 'niggling' problems with the bike, but not bad enough for me to actually do anything...

    . Forks needed replacing
    . Left shifter bolt was knackered, and the shifter itself was lower than it should be, by about 5mm
    . Cables could do with replacing
    . Chain needed to be replaced fairly soon
    . Tyres weren't matching, neither were the innertube lengths
    . I don't like the saddle aesthetically, nor did I like the seat post

    Not massive problem, but just kinda annoying.

    Then one Saturday night...

    27164383_10155916462675309_5232361657191­278_o by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

    I spoke to a local frame builder and he didn't want to get involved in repairing the forks, so I might just keep them in the loft, just incase. But for now, I'm going to purchase some 1" carbon forks. I'd ideally like to find a pair that are similar to the Colnago ones, but I just can't quite find a pair I like for a decent price. I can get a pair of Columbus Minimal 1" for a decent price, which I'm pretty sure I'll go for.

    Going for a 1" threadless means I'll have to change the headset and use a 1 1/8th modern stem with a shim, which I was kind of planning to do one day anyway.

    I'd also like to get myself a different saddle and a carbon seatpost, then some gumwalls.

    I'll start ordering parts hopefully next week. Exciting times! :)

  • Btw, I'm still majorly fucked off that my original forks are damaged, just as much as I was 7 months ago.

    The saving grace is that this bike is going to look so cool once done.

    Gumwalls, slammed stem, ridiculously skinny carbon saddle, gold chain etc. Aiming for that 'bikes of tumblr' look...

  • Lovely bike james sorry to hear what happened. Good luck on fork hunt

  • Please nongold chain!

  • looking forward to the build up. are you still based in Leicester? think you bought a frame off a mate of mine at a bike jumble at bikelounge once. fondriest I think? was a few years back...

  • Looked great before and I'm sure it will do again soon. Plans sound perfect!

  • That’s what you want/need:

  • I goddam do! Yours for sale?

  • Amazing story. I am running a tecnos in a similar paint scheme. I had it renovated in Croatia and it came back almost good as new. You can probably get your forks fixed rather than have to get new ones. I don’t think the carbon ones would look right with your paint scheme. Get onto the Colnago owners group on FB, I run it, and lets try to get you fixed up. We have almost 2000 v helpful people worldwide :)

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My Colnago

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