Khan - A disaster for cycling in London...

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  • So Khan came into office promising to treble segregated lanes and implement further cycle friendly promises. After a year we have Five major schemes announced, CS6 extension to Kings Cross, Westminster Bridge to get segregated lanes, Lambeth Bridge North and South, Waterloo Roundabout peninsularisation and today Nine Elms.

    None of these schemes are very inspiring, Westminster Bridge seemed reasonable but that's off the radar now with the recent terror attacks.

    A constant theme in the three new schemes, Lambeth, Waterloo and Nine Elms is the significant prioritisation of bus traffic. In itself this is obviously no bad thing. The buses do and can shift a lot more people than cycles can. The problem with Khan is that he has taken this as a political statement and feels he must give all decisions in favour of the Buses.

    This manifests in the new designs as shared bus lanes, a lack of bus stop bypasses and a not a single four way junction allowing cycles to make an isolated turn right in one move.

    The details in these plans all imply you need to be bold and brave to take them on in the new guise. These plans do not allow for 8-80 cycling, these plans utterly fail to learn the lessons of the previous segregated lanes. As such these plans will create massive disruption for current cyclists and do nothing to encourage new cyclists.

    Will Norman is just a political face to deflect blame from Khan when these plans end up in the bin or worse when they start digging up the roads. ...

    [rant ends]

  • cant agree more

  • Pedestrianising Oxford Street and banning bikes seems like a moronic plan, not sure if it is being discussed elsewhere.

    My commute involves lots of shared paths, pavements and open spaces. If peds and cyclists need to be segregated why do so many bike lanes involve a white line (ignored by peds) on a pavement? They need to decide whether cyclists and peds need to be segregated or not, because this isn't joined up thinking

  • He made strong suggestions that cycles would be included in the plans. TO oust them on a half to one mile diversion North is shit.

    Half hearted and insufficient 'plans'. He said he was going to treble the miles of segregated track, he's done Nothing so far.

  • Yer, I get the feeling that nothing will happen until the next guy, and then still nothing.

  • And in the last year, we have the CS6 extension of a few 100 metres before disappearing into back streets and...

  • CS6 is a real screw up at the king's cross end.

    It's kind of ok as far as Ampton St but where the heck are you supposed to go after that?

    (I've ridden those cycle paths for years but still make an occasional wrong turn and there's essentially no way-marking. It would be easy to end up on the A501 instead.)

  • If you're going East then Margery and a Quietway on the well worn track to London Fields. West, Tavistock way to Westminster then you're on your own, North then Quietway via the cycling cesspool that is Thornhill Rd. There are plans to redo/remove the Kings cross gyratory but god knows where those plans are, nothings been said about that since Khan was elected.

    All popular routes but all could be better/more direct and almost impossible to follow if you don't know where you're going.

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Khan - A disaster for cycling in London...

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