Small vintage 49cm 531 frames - mixte

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  • Dawes Galaxy mixte 531st frame - £65 (sold)
    (Headset is included.
    Other parts reused)

    19.5" Vintage Lightweight Dawes Galaxy Frame + Forks - Reynolds 531ST - Mixte

    BB to seat tube (C to T) - 19.5"
    Seat tube to steerer (C to C) - 20.5"
    Takes 700c / 27.25 wheels

    Peugeot (maybe PY-10) Columbus forks 49cm - £30 (sold)
    -problem is someone
    stripped the BB so it's holding
    a fresh 110 threadless-

    Located in NW6

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  • Do you have the rear spacing measurement for the Peugeot?

  • 126 on the Peugeot
    I've no way of saying it's defo
    a PY-10 however it was sold as
    this so maybe, and it's light.

    Dawes is 126

  • Dibs on the yellow Frame, can come tomorrow morning to collect!

  • Yup that's cool.

  • Glws

  • Why thank you:):):):)

    Just my mixte left now £65
    anyone for a lovely 80's
    531ST f/f please?

  • Would you take £50?

  • Only if you are very nice.

    I hear you at £50 but we're
    looking at £65 ideally on this.

  • I'd advise anyone dealing with @Muesli to check out the recent posts on the Bad Traders thread. Caveat emptor

  • How do I even block you? You've caused me just trouble guy.

  • Interested in the mixte if it is still available.

  • Mixte is now sold.


Small vintage 49cm 531 frames - mixte

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