• Need to get rid of some of the unused bits and bobs floating around. They are:

    1. Cinelli Tempo, Blue anodised, with internal gearing holes. Clamp size 26.4, width 42cm. Absolutely great condition - fitted once, hardly ridden, and hardly any installation scratch marks. £40

    2. Dia Compe Gran Compe Aero Levers in Black. Great condition, hardly used - springs in the levers still have loads of kick. Can't find which generation these are -
      likely 80s -but they are not the drilled ones, nor the ones with 'dia compe' in the lever. The most distinguishing feature is a stylised A etched into the side of the lever, highlighted in white. £30

    3. Campagnolo downtube rear shifter. Will most likely record or C record, given that that was what was on the rest of the bike it came from. Potentially never used as in really good nick. Not sure of era, but it has a very distinctive barrel type adjuster on the body of the shifter. Took it apart to see how it all works, couldnt quite put it back together, but no parts lost, so just all attached via cable tie. £SOLD

    4. Nice good nick clamp on campy jobby for downtube shifters. £SOLD.

    5. Campagnolo Chorus 80s era rear mech. pretty sure it's 8 speed - maybe one of you will be able to tell better than me. Near mint condition - fitted once and judging by the jockey wheels, never ridden. Just a few grease marks that will come off with a bit of elbow grease. Not sure if it's of any interest but I'm going to include the nice campy branded gear outing. £15

    6. Campagnolo super record braze on (3 hole version). Near mint condition - fitted once, although not sure it's ever seen a mile ridden. Not a single chain mark to speak of on either side of the cage. £SOLD

    7. 1 inch headset 80s era campy top cup/bottom cup. Obviously not a complete headset, but just thought I'd put it on here in case someone was desperately in need of it and had been looking for ages. £3.

    8. Garmin Edge 25. NIB. Opened once to have a look, but never used, installed etc etc. £SOLD.

    9. Crank Brothers OpiumS Direct set. NIB, never fitted - 1 1/8th inch straight headset fitting. Not sure, but just looking in the box I can't see the fork crown race. Don't know if other will fit, or if it's not necessary on this model (?) but can't be bothered to do the research. £10

    10. Deda Zero 1 Stem. 60mm long. Fitted once, but by the looks of it never really ridden - great condition. £5.

    11. 80s 700c Super Record Wheel, laced onto Mavic Open 4 CD rim (36h). Running true as you like and bearings like butter, and for my money and by the looks of the braking surface (unused) it's never seen any more than a few miles. Comes with mint condition 7 speed Sachs block (12t-18t) and period grand prix 20c tyre £60.

    12. 80s Miche hub laced onto Open 4 CD rim (36h) radially laced. Believe the hub is from the 500 series, although not 100%. As above, wheel runs true, and bearings immaculate, although the braking surface for on this wheel shows the slightest sign of use. As above, comes with grand prix 20c tyre. £30.

    13. XT front mech. FD-M771. Took it off to run 1x setup, so still lots of life in it. £7.

    14. XTR triple front shifter. SL-M970-A. Ran with the above mech, took it off to run 1x setup, so in good working order. £15.

    15. Avid Single Digit 5 V brake. Really good condition, comes with all the bits that can sometimes get misplaced. £5.

    16. 1 1/8 straight steel forks with canti/V bosses. Came off a Kaffenback 1. Good condition with predictable but minor scuffs. Rad blue flame paint/decal job comes as standard. £10.

    17. Left Hand Sora Double STI shifter. Really good mechanical order, brake springs and shifters working great. Some scuffs to the outer face from leaning a bike versus a wall. £5.

    18. Pair of Campagnolo CX 9 speed wheels (Campag CX hubs on Khamsin rims). Roughly 250 miles done, really good condition with lots of life left in the rims and running nice and true. 9 speed campy cassette with lots of life left included. £65.

    19. Pair of drop levers with nice aero profile on the top. Bit gummy from previous tape and a bit scratched up from previous levers. Over sized clamp fitting. £5

    20. Nice condition long cage race triple Campag Mirage 9sp rear mech. Used for the same 250 miles as the above wheels - loads of life left, with campag text still fully intact (i.e. not rubbing etc). £10

    21. Nice condition Campag Mirage front mech. As above, very little use and in full working order. Bizarrely the cable clamp bolt bit has become a bit rusty. Full working order still, just a little... unsightly... £7

    If these prices are way off, please let me know as some of the stuff I've not been able to find many comparable bits and so have taken a punt. Also am looking for some nice(ish) steel 1inch threaded forks so if you are interested in swapsees/selling one let me know!

    Pick up available in Bristol, or can arrange postage. Am also coming up to London in the next few weeks so can potentially arrange some pick ups and drops offs, too.

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  • Dibs the rear downtube shifter. Will pm.

  • Interested in braze-on SR front... will pm

  • Dibs on 9 & 10 items. PM incoming.

  • want:

  • PM sent

  • 4 & 7 please. Bristol-based. Interested in the wheels as well

  • Dibs edge 25

  • 2nd dibs on edge

  • No.4 - Clamp on Campy jobby please. You have PM.

  • Lost track of dibs! Are 3/5/6 still available. If so dibs. If not pop me in the queue!

  • Right replied to dibses and PMsees, and just updating the list to reflect what's gone etc etc

  • 2nd dibs on 4 and 7, if the local chap doesn't come for them.

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    • AvidBrake.JPG
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  • Dibs 5 if still available - what length steerer do you need on the forks?

  • Second dibs on the forks, pending steerer length.

    Will PM when I get home this evening.

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UPDATE MORE BITS. FS - Parts Clear Out - Vintage Campy, Cinelli, Shimano, Dia Compe, Deda, Garmin, Wheels

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