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  • naah, would ruin the pub

  • The previous owner must have been a really lanky t-rex, judging by the saddle and bar position. Unless that's how you've set it up?
    Great starting place anyway. The Mori headsets are pretty funky inside with self adjusting coil springs and toothed races, but are usually still servicable.

  • If the headset is gone, I've got one of these spare after ordering the wrong crown race size.

  • The seat was a lot lower, but I rode it home ghosting my sweet fixeh, so just popped the seat pin up quickly.

    I will need to sort out the reach though I think. That may inform handlebar choice as well

    Good to know on the headset. There appears to be a broken Canti cable clip or reflector holder in the stack, so it will need to be pulled out somehow

  • If it’s not NJS I’m not interested


  • I can draw it on for a quid #graphicdesign

  • That'll be the reflector bracket. Pretty sure you can get away without it in there, headset still tightens down ok.

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  • Right

    Been ill this week and up in Scotland, so I’ve been plotting/dreaming from afar

    Parts update

    • quill Bullmoose bars (with hanger) acquired through this ere forum
    • Micro drive XC comp cranks delivered
    • 56bcd 20t chainring round for a steal
    • Carradice super C bag and rack poached from eBay
    • Jim tee’d up to overhaul the bike when all parts collected

    I want a front rack that I can sit the Carradice on, but I don’t understand decaluers (the French jobs) and how they would work with the straddle cable. Tempted to bodge something with the wire rack, a cheap SJS canti rack and a cargo net, unless anyone has some excellent ideas I can steal?

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  • I've got a canti rack doing nothing, you can have it

  • Legend! I’m sure we can find something to swap about for it, you after any bits?

  • Nope, I'm purging in preparation for a potential flat move, trying to lose bits overall!

  • Ok, well remeber I owe you a rack equivalent at some point!

    You about on Monday?

  • Bar bag is a delight. Came with excellent instructions and a free pin badge for the collection

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  • More old shit has been delivered in the post


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  • Got the Rourke back out today in anger

    What a bike, I absolutely love it

    First ride on the hubs after Cliff repaired them (more than a year ago) as well

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  • Any updates?

  • Not yet....

    Gets picked up on Monday

  • Sunglasses at the ready!

  • I can see already from up here....when it goes dark, I’ll know it’s in the box

  • As Colm has started off a project with a brake set

    Here’s one that’s starting with a bottle cage

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  • Bottle cage without a discussion first? Who is this guy...

  • I like the old and the new juxtaposition.
    It speaks of peak influence in the game. No discussion required.

  • you step like an amateur, back off fly boy

    Have you not got tubs to stretch?

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Ecobeard's Projects.

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