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  • Is that rack attached at the headtube? Surely that is going to cause issues with turning the bars when its loaded with pretty much anything?

  • You sir, have very good eyes, very good......maybe even to good

    Yes you are spot on. One of the many jobs I need to do on this bike is change the bars to some swept back jobs

  • Haha, hint of sarcasm there?

    Are the forks not drilled at the crown? For shopping duties you'd be better off with a flat rack on the front or a wald IMHO

  • I have a rack like that on my 100 kg cargo bike, if anything it works better than having the load attached to the forks

  • In terms of control i guess you mean? but space wise (with what @Ecobeard is working with it) seems like it'd offer him more.

  • Always, but you must have good eyes regardless, just to type.

    The forks are drilled all over the place, as they are MAXIMUM GAINZ, but my main issue is that unless you are a 1950's pioneering french touring cyclist, circumnavigating Algeria, then both the racks you have described make you look like a right hipster dickhead, and with my beard, I just cant risk it.

    Plus this rack was free from @colm89 's garden.

    I do believe that @Heldring has a point as well.

    I might use this bike for collecting wood, so this rack might be better for strapping my hatchet to as well, but then see the comment about hipster dickheads....

    I might have to make a chainsaw holster from fertiliser bags and cableties.

    But your original point about the bars is correct and I will be changing them, I just wanted to test fit the rack to see if it worked/I had all the bits etc.

  • I found that rack was really only ok for carrying a couple of pizzas, and then put it on my gf's dutch bike.

  • Artisan Sourdough?

  • Artisan sourdough pizza, preferably.

    But you might struggle to find that in Scotland.

  • Yep, Co-op frozen jobs. That's why I was checking, the extra weight.

    (There is artisan pizza ACTULLY, that we mountain biked past and I was going to take you there in the summer, but not now, NOT NOW.)

  • In none pizza related chatter, if anyone does have a large rear rack, front pannier rack and some swept back bars, let me know.

  • I have 2 rear racks....

  • You said they were all taken?

    leave them in your garden......

  • Saying you’re not hipster is so hipster

  • Bearded man with axe cycles bike with 2 racks to collect firewood... will you be wearing flannel?

  • He already does, regularly

  • You saying that I'm hipster for saying that I'm not hipster is very post new wave hipster

  • How else is one supposed to bring all the boys to the yard?

    @colm89 is just jealous as if he had been wearing some calming flannel slacks, he wouldn't have nearly got bottled by a man wearing wellies in New Cross last week.

  • Let that be a lesson to you all. Don't tell a non-london resident your greyhound is probably faster than his retriever puppy or you might get bottled.

  • Only seen this thread.....nice one @Ecobeard,

    Looks lovely.

  • Cheers Dan, see you soon matey

  • So

    I bought a 2018 Tarn 20, finally...

    When it arrives I'll get the Reverb fitted and the forks lifted to 140mm

    But I still have the Cotic after it sold on Retro bike, then the sale collapsed.

    I'll pop it back up on here as a Frame and Fork, wheels and groupset all for splits. If anyone is keen before I reignite the sales thread, let me know.

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  • I also have a track bike in the making

    • Talbot 953
    • Enve Fork
    • CK headset
    • DA hubs to CD Open Pro (Not keeping at HHV so went with clinchers)
    • Bontrager XXX finishing kit from old Gennie Flyer
    • Silly striped Bonty prototype saddle that my explode under my weight
    • SG75's with Zen - Black Black.

    Paint to be based on Class 91 Intercity livery.

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    • Class_91_Peterborough_-_late_1980_s.jpg
  • bruh I am tempted to strip and sell my fixeh .. silver sugino DD .. will giv u good price

  • Ta muchly


    Silver and bits already ordered

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Ecobeard's Projects.

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