Question about St Mary Cray Route

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  • Can anyone with more knowledge than me, tell me why this route goes on the A20?

    When you get to the top of Exedown, the obvious thing to do seems to be to go Knock Mill Lane, St Clere Hill and then Knatt's Lane, to get onto the Knatt's Valley descent higher up.

    The only thing I can think of is that the original routemaker really wanted the scary descent of Botsom Lane in the dark?

    I'm planning to ride this next Saturday morning with a friend and have always wondered about this section.

  • Also it was a metaphor for this country when is the left turn?

  • I'm not talking about blasting the A20 back to London, just the short stretch from the top of Exedown to Botsom Lane.

    But yes, Ludwig, I was at IKEA that week.

  • Otford is probably more Saturday friendly.

  • I don't know but that knatts valley is quite narrow, high bushes, lunatic drivers?

  • I think I only rode it once or twice in a group. But I believe that was supposed to be a 'spirited' riding section of a mile or so where people could empty the tanks.

    As you say it also avoids a couple of narrow, twisty, dark, potholed lanes. Aren't all those descents a bit 'scary' in the dark?

    During the day I've normally taken the route you describe.

  • Is that the bit with the sandy left hand side?
    Yeah it's a spirited 65-72 thrash fest.

  • Or is that at the end?
    Can't actually remember.

  • Food for thought, thanks peeps.

  • I was thinking to do this route on Thursday, perhaps we can try this variation.

    I've always ridden it that way as that's how it was built. We've never had a problem on the A-road, it's quite quiet at the times we ride it, has good sightlines and wide lanes with reasonable passing space. It is a good thrash but Knatts Valley is a pretty fast spin too. I don't know what the top half of Knatt's Valley is like, perhaps the idea was to break what would be a very long spinning section into 2 shorter blasts.

  • Why don't you ask @Sam as I think it's his route?

  • Good idea a bit like asking a man from Londinium where to get the best flat white.

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Question about St Mary Cray Route

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