Route Planning with GPS / OSM for Riding and Touring

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  • It is just you, I got the "download map now" option.

    Here is the link to the UK if it is what you need.­min/generic/07-05-2019/60b5afe9a46679488­41d25d5dd7a990a/

  • Weird. I'll try again.


  • If you are stuck for a map download, here is an alternative site that uses OSM data. A bit more fiddly to use but works nevertheless.­EPHlKyOeVOIHNLopD7hmNwm-ELCJuFPHsaQTZe5A­SNHHrhEGTugOkhTM

  • What sort? I've already got some downloaded. They might be last year's but better than waiting and not getting any :)

    Also, there's a lot of mirror sites that have certain countries or continents already generated and usually very up to date.

    Have a look at the various areas here:­Map_On_Garmin/Download

  • Thanks both I'll try when I'm home later.

  • Thanks. That'll do.

    I tried again, different email, same issue. Very weird!

  • Is there a way to upload a route to this and have it report on surfaces, without it changing the route to a set of waypoints? Seems a bit odd it can only work with points rather than a fixed gpx.

  • I don't know, sorry. don't use it much. try emailing the developers.

  • What do people do about "optional" spurs that they might want to add? Try to remember? route in and back the same way? Multiple routes on the same device? Do any devices or apps do better or worse at this?

    Thinking about touring etc when you might want to stop at a cake shop, but you might want to push on, depending.

  • I normally throw two versions of the route in.

  • Was led to believe you ate more cake than that but clearly not.

  • Etrex
    add out-and-back spurs as a different, extra route
    or add spur destinations as POI

  • Extra files for extra cake stops.

    If it was just an ad hoc adventure, touring, I'd probably just detour and then find my way back onto my route manually. In a race I'd either have full alternative routes or possibly just the detour section next to the route file I'm on. There's usually not that many so I remember them and decide at the time which option to use.

  • To add to what @platypus said - on an Etrex, this works best if you're following a track (not a route. In Garmin's terminology), then at any time you can use Where To? to route to a cake shop, etc. This doesn't mess with your ride stats, the track stays visible too iirc.
    By the way what RWGPS calls POI, Garmin calls Waypoints. edit: if when exporting you tick this option... Any difference anyone knows? I'm confusing everyone now...
    Also, don't forget to "Reduce to 500 points" when exporting a track from RWGPS for use on an Etrex.
    Supplemental smartphone use is essential, unavoidable really.

    This question made me look up what Wahoo Element Bolt is capable of (noob here). If you're following a route, then for an optional detour you have cancel the current route. At least the ride stats are preserved (it's all about stats innit?).

  • From what I remember bolt is a bit of a ballache. Go off the route and you don't get good directions back to it

  • Maybe I should switch from Komoot to RWGPS. It sounds nice if you can add POI/Waypoints from within. Don't think komoot allows that.

  • probably a noob question apols. But is there a way of creating a say 1000km tour then splitting that tour into 10 x 100km garmin friendly chunks? Or should I just do it manually? Garmin struggles on anything bigger than 200km in my experience.

  • Yes, I use RWGPS to do it and there's other web apps and software that will do it. GPSBabel etc­

  • I cant see the routes on Ride With GPS. Cues and POIs are there but no squiggly line. Any ideas?

    Edit - look like I needed to update my laptop. Wierd.

  • Not sure if this has been mentioned before but for hiking and walking I've found OsmAnd invaluable. Loads of features I don't use, GPX file upload, 7 free map downloads (you can delete unused versions so you've still got 7 spaces) very accurate, turn by turn navigation etc.

  • osmand is excellent.

    It's a bit of faff, but you can create a route on it (do directions between way points), then download the gpx of it.

    coupled with an OTG cable from my phone to my etrex it is a wholly offline routing solution. Not as slick as the RWGPS mobile app, but offline.

  • Didn't realise you could create a GPX file in it! I've been adding files onto my phone and then importing them. Using it over the weekend at the Lakes will hopefully allow me to get a bit more acquainted with the various features.

  • Do Garmin people use basecamp? I normally make a gpx in komoot or ride with gps or whatever and just drag and drop it into the garmin as a dumb storage device. Is there any advantage to basecamp?

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Route Planning with GPS / OSM for Riding and Touring

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