Route Planning with GPS / OSM for Riding and Touring

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  • Refreshed it and it worked. Just ignore me.

  • Bump
    New very useful tool discovery

  • Komoot shows you surface types but is really shit when it comes to highlighting them. Hovering over "off road" for example doesn't show you what distance it's at, you have to piss about zooming in to find what it thinks isn't surfaced.

    Anyone know of a better way of finding unexpected gravel surprises in road routes? ( doesn't handle big files so that's out)

    EDIT: Ignore me, if you edit the route in Komoot rather than just look at it top-level, it'll get zooming.

  • Has anyone noticed Google Maps providing generally more and more useless cycling directions?
    In London it now takes me almost exclusively down A-roads, ignoring all back ways. This is misery.
    Have they added some kind of setting I have missed?

  • Yes I've stopped using it for cycling directions.

  • What format do etrex users use? RWGPS recommnds using a gpx track shrunk down to 500 points, but I sometimes wonder about using a gpx route instead.

    Any preferences from people out there?

  • GPX Track, always.
    You don't need to shrink it to 500 points, the limit is 10,000 points per track.

  • I think older units had a lower limit but if you have a 20x 30x etc you should be fine.

  • yes, I know this is the case, tested it many times, only once had a track over 10k points and that was more than 1,000km and very squiggly

  • It depends on the tool you get the track from. Some of them used to produce huge files that would then need resaving in something else to be usable.

  • I have an etrex 20 (no x) so maybe I need the reducto thing. Have had routes just...end before

    Will stick with track though, thanks.

  • aha! maybe? I don't know why it went to shit

  • Did it go to shit or is the UK just so heavily fucking traffficed that there are very few quiet routes to take so Google has a meltdown?

  • It's probably mentioned up this thread, but if you're just after simple A-B routes around town Cycle Streets still does a decent job of routing you down the quiet roads / cycle routes. I think city mapper and various other apps use its database as well.

  • The above google stuff hasn't rolled out for me at least, so maybe a hiccup related to the roll out? Or maybe as hippy says, google has successfully routed cars onto every possible bit of tarmac to make maximal use of the road network.

  • no, it now routes me almost exclusively along A roads.
    it completely ignores bike paths and routes.
    I'm so confused why it's changed.
    almost like I have the bike setting on "shortest distance but highest traffic fumes"

  • Agree. I use CityMapper for now. Also gives Quiet/Regular/Fast options which work well.

  • I've not seen thew new routing so can't comment on it yet. Guess it's rolling out in batches.

  • South london people :
    which road is the less steep to climb the north Downs from South to North ?

    I always take Titsey Hill which is not too pleasant, what is the nearest and less steep one ?

  • Clarks lane. Or from titsey zig zag along pilgrims lane and then Clarks.

    None of the direct south to north climbs are that easy. Other than Polhill but a fair bit East of there.

  • thank you, that's good enough to plot the route

  • Try Beeline? Had some good results so far

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Route Planning with GPS / OSM for Riding and Touring

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