Route Planning with GPS / OSM for Riding and Touring

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  • I don't. It's fucking awful software that makes me bellow with rage every time I'm stupid enough to try using it again. RWGPS every time for me. It'd be nice if you could have a local version rather than having to use a browser, but compared to using Basecamp removing your toenails with a claw hammer is a pleasurable and worthwhile experience.

  • Yes it is a something that takes a while to get used to but once you have it gives you absolute control of gpx tracks, including joining them extending, adding and removing points, moving individual points etc etc.
    Creating gpx files containing multiple tracks and routes and waypoints AKA points of interest.

    Can create either gpx track files or gpx route files, some devices can use both and treat them in different ways, garmin edge series convert to fit files whereas some devices can and do use the raw gpx route or gpx track files.

    As always depends on your requirements.

  • I use Garmin Basecamp because my Proper Length Bike Rides™ are apparently too long for Garmin Connect to deal with. Basecamp on the other hand is able to export them as GPX. I wouldn't use it for anything if Connect actually loaded/exported my files as required.

  • x-post from AQA...

    Does anyone have a step by step guide to joining up to OSM and editing a road from gravel to tarmac or vice versa?

    I have a few "roads" that are unsealed and want to change them on OSM to show this. I just want easy to follow steps for someone who already spends too long at a PC screen.

  • Thanks I'll have a look. I take it then it's not just a simple matter of highlighting a length of road and clicking 'unsealed' then?

  • Put a second or two of research effort in man ;-)

  • No thanks. I spend 12hrs a day doing this shit. I just want steps outlining exactly what needs to happen. I'm fucking tired of reading documentation for everything.

  • I mean, I just wanted to contribute some useful info to this shared resource. But whatever. Maybe when I get more down time I'll be more inclined to learn. I'm sure some mod arsehole will just revert the changes, like they always do on wankipedia.

  • OK, in the interests of - as you say - contributing some useful info to this shared resource, and reversing my own petulance in deleting the link to the beginner's guide I posted above, here is a literal step-by-step guide:­sm/ that starts with 'open your browser' and gets you as far as editing tags - in your case, surface.

    You will then need to read­surface and choose a suitable value. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to get this far for someone with a technical background.

  • You could've just said, create a login, zoom in, click edit, change road type, click save. It definitely wasn't that easy last time I looked. Thanks though, your first link basically said as much and the options for unsealed roads, etc were in dropdowns on the left.

  • Ok, so I've managed to tweak a road from unknown to unsealed, grade 3.

    There's another I'd like to change, but not the whole length of it. It has points where it joins other roads and becomes tarmac at that point, but I've tried all the splitting options and all the usual selection stuff but it doesn't seem to want to apply 'unsealed' to one section of the line and 'tarmac' to the other. Is there some trick to splitting a road?

  • Yes, you would need to split the road then apply the 'unsealed' attribute to one of the parts. You split lines (roads etc) at nodes: select a node then right click, should be a scissors icon. Create a new node first if there's not one where the surface changes.

  • Nice one. I must've used the other two options and not the scissors. It already had a node at the junction so it seems to be correct now.

  • What about a bridge that's being repaired? Well, glad you asked...­/50247/bridge-under-repair

  • You mean every bridge you've passed over from about the day after?

    Loads of work, but someone's got to do it. :)

  • I thought I could preempt the damage going forward. Save some time.

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Route Planning with GPS / OSM for Riding and Touring

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