Grenfell Tower

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  • We just had an email confirming one of our hospital porters along with wife and three kids are missing :(

  • Sorry to hear that, so sad.

  • The number are now very sickening.

  • Sad news :(

  • my girlfriends construction company, confirmed this morning that two of its staff are being treated in hospital for smoke fumes and burns. sadly one member of their staff passed away, all three live d in the Tower :(

    I have two live construction sites, hammersmith and st johns wood, and collecting clothes/food/toys in wheelie bins and doing a drop off this Friday to one of the collection centres.. the response has been very positive :)

  • Excruciating to see these continued soundbite defensive responses from the Tories.
    Gove looked almost in tears not over the plight of the victims but because they are being called out for their complicity in the tragedy

  • I am glad you watched them for me ...

  • There's a guy from Panorama on One Show reporting that the first fire in the block from the faulty fridge was actually extinguished and the first crew was leaving when they were met by crews arriving who told them about the fire on the outside of the building.

  • I was over in west London on Saturday morning and riding down Westbourne Park Road and catching sight of Grenfell suddenly over the top of some trees was like a punch in the face.

    Nothing prepares you for it.

  • "Fire service and resident" sources

  • Edit Soz. Switch on yer box @ 8.30pm and find out...

  • Same thing was reported on R4 news on the drive home

  • ^^^^ Very sorry sorry for your losses.

    So the Fire Service screwed up then as when they left the building they didn't notice it was on fire on the outside as someone would have been at the wagon.

    Post up the links as if this is true then the fire service are as much to blame as well.

    Saying this is outrageous. @velocio please nuke this imbecile.

  • don't worry everyone, fireman sam is on the case.

    seriously, fuck off. forever.

  • Same. I headed that way for bike tag. Got a bit closer and snapped a couple of photos but man it sure is like a punch. A lot of angry people that way on Saturday understandably. Couple of arguments and fights breaking out in the crowd that police had to break up

  • There was no question mark... so it does look more like a statement.

  • Post up the links as if this is true then...

    I'm not even going to repost your comment.

    I know you've said you knew one of the deceased so might be looking for answers but throwing blame about based on a 1 or 2 sentence summary of comments made by an unnamed source is idiotic as best, and probably actually pretty harmful.

  • Just watched Panorama and saw no explanation of what was said on the One Show.

    None the wiser unless I missed it.

  • Then question the story, post about your knowledge/experiences and how it doesn't make sense.

    You're post as I read it (and clearly as others did too), was laying the blame for 79 deaths on one group of people and while you might think being called idiotic, an imbicile and told to fuck off is cuntish, how do you think it'd feel to be blamed for 79 deaths?

  • Hang on - this getting silly.

  • If you read a few posts up clearly @diable says he doesn't believe that information.

    Maybe some misinterpretation all round here, so let's not overreact with words...

  • Last week Westminster Coroners Court, Horseferry Road set up a mobile unit at the top of our road we reckon for autopsies of charred remains, using X-ray and studying dental records. Must be slow pain staking process identifying the bodies, probably not the only coroners court doing this in central London :(

    I was also told that charred remains can emit cyanide, so any examination needs to be done within a controlled environment.

  • Why would anyone want to cycle past Grenfell and take photos?

    Maybe I didn't word it correctly. I was in the area and went to see the people, read the memorials and pay my respects. As were several hundred other people.

    I'm a photographer, it's what I do, document.

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Grenfell Tower

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