Grenfell Tower

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  • Needs it's own thread

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  • Vigils, church choirs, graffiti, stories, pictures...

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  • Statement from K&C­ncil-statements/response-royal-borough-k­ensington-and-chelsea
    In response to today's protest (Friday 16 June 2017) and the questions raised by the protesters, the Council has prepared the following response.

    1. Written commitment from the Council on immediate rehousing of all the victims of Grenfell Tower fire, within the borough.
      We plan to house residents of Grenfell Tower as locally as we can. But we may well need help from our close neighbours. We want to rehouse people in a good home as quickly as we can. The Council is committed to looking after the immediate and longer-term housing needs of all those affected by the fire.
    2. Immediate release of funds to cover costs of welfare and all losses suffered by the victims.
      We are already releasing funds to take care of the immediate needs of those affected as well as other support. We are absolutely committed to supporting anyone affected in the days, weeks and months ahead. But if you know of individuals or families who you feel aren’t getting help, then please let us know so we can help to them as quickly as possible.
    3. Commission investigation into the recent £10m refurbishment project of the same tower, and bring those who failed to install adequate health and safety measures and equipment at the building.
      We entirely support the calling of the public inquiry and will cooperate in whatever way we can with it so that local people have all the answers about what has happened. We would also work with others to enable the release of any interim reports as quickly as possible.
    4. Release full list of victims of the tragedy so families can bereave their dead.
      This is not a matter for the Council but for the coroner, police and other emergency services. But, we understand that this is a hugely distressing time for everyone affected and we will do all we can with our police colleagues to support people.
    5. Commission investigation into all other similar buildings in the borough to identify fire, health and safety risks and put in place immediate control measures. 
      We understand the community will not want us to wait until the conclusion of any formal public inquiry before we understand what lessons may have to be learned. That’s why we will shortly commission a fire safety audit in all similar buildings throughout the borough and we will certainly act on the findings
  • "bereave their dead?"

  • "Memorial" gathering outside Parliament on Monday­87027134/

  • I'm guessing it's like when people say to itch when they mean to scratch.

  • popular grief vultures the scientologists have set up shop at grenfell.

  • Conspiracy is now rife. Went to area to help out and discontentment at authorities is massive. Its could easily turn into rioting.
    Unfortunately the area is domaninated by the most extreme wealth divide, in possibly the world.

  • I wonder if historical relations between the local population and RBKC were so bad that had RBKC put their people on the ground they would not have felt or been safe.

  • RBKC purposefully put distance between themselves and Council tenants by transferring responsibility to the standalone limited company KCTMO.
    You can vote out a Councillor. How do you 'fire' an employee of a ltd company?

  • RBKC own KCTMO, so it could be seen that RBKC itself is directly responsible for the likely hundreds of deaths in that tower.

  • U can jail them tho

  • What the fuck is that all about?

  • scientologists have set up shop

    its nice that john travolta is here can help us :))

  • Within the west Indian community there's strong feeling that the council wants to push them out and get in more lucrative residents. Hence the fire fits in to that theory

  • Some might think that the announcement of a 'Public Enquiry', (with no start date, terms of reference, Chair, or anything other than the headline), rather than a Coroners' Inquest, is giving all with any responsibility, from Housing Minister down through RBK&C Council, KCTMO, Contractors/sub-Contractors time to 'unfortunately misplace' any incriminating documents within the paper trail.
    Prediction: No convictions.

  • i'm sure the surviving residents of grenfell and similarly appointed high rise estates around the country can't wait to see the results of an inquest that will discover whether the tory party can confirm that water puts out fire.

  • Some interesting detective work here­us/876017521169772544

    (Quite a discrepancy between TMO's view of Grenfell and the residents' view)

    Lots of info here­d.php?t=2007285

  • K&C council has ceded responsibility for managing response to the Grenfell Fire Response Team made up of representatives from central government, the British Red Cross, the Metropolitan police, London-wide local and regional government and the London Fire Brigade.­7/06/grenfell-tower-fire-support-people-­affected/

  • Just heard that one of my old colleagues, is missing presumed dead along with her mother and brother, they were on the 23rd floor. Really sad news as she was such a lovely warm, funny, annoying young lady. Her Mum was great, a really small shy women with just a lovely smile, she was so proud of Isra.

    RIP Isra

  • tfw you find yourself agreeing with piers pissing morgan. dark times.­Rmc

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Grenfell Tower

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