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  • The fork arrived today. 3 days earlier than I expected. Hopefully will be able to get it installed next weekend. No word on when the front wheel and tyre will be sent though.

    I also had a phone memory come up just now, and I think I completed this bike 3 years ago today. Crazy.

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  • Looking forward to seeing this

  • Not sure what grips to go with. Either something like this:


    Or something more retro like these:

    Thinking ergo grips probably make more sense though. I’m leaning towards the middle ones, but I’d like to see them in the flesh / try them first.

  • I favour type one, I believe @Hulsroy prefers type two now. Either way ergon is the winner

  • Yeah. The new Ergon GA3s are prettiest solution when it comes to ergonomic grips imo. But they are both fugly so only mount if you are likely to have issues with your hands :)

  • Ha. I don’t have issues yet, but I do like to be comfortable.

  • Just got this email from the place I ordered the wheel and tyre from...

    Just wanting to confirm with you if you were planning on using the tyres with the wheel ordered, as the front wheel you have ordered won't actually fit the tyres.

    The wheel size ordered is a 1 1/8" with a 3/8 axle, specific for a race BMX bike. Being 1 1/8" the rim has a larger diameter than that of the tyre ordered, therefore it will not fit. I have noticed the item description is not quite clear in that respect, I am sorry for the confusion there and any frustration this may have caused. We will fix this now.

    In case you were meant to order a freestyle BMX wheel, I have tried to source something that will be suitable for you in relation to the axle size and diameter, but unfortunately we can't currently source any stock at the moment. Our suppliers have sold out in all brands and price ranges!

    At least they gave me a heads up and are refunding the order.

  • Frame stripped. Going to have my four and half year old son help me splatter some more paint on this afternoon. Going for a full rainbow this time. He’s got plenty of paint to choose from! Once splattered I’ll let it dry for a few days and get the new headset and fork installed.

    I’m hoping I can pick up a front wheel this week as well.

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  • Went to two bike shops today to try and source a front wheel. One of them was a “proper” BMX shop. They had two wheels in stock, both were rear wheels. The other shop sells all types of bikes, so limited stock of 20” wheels to begin with, and nothing in stock.

    Ended up picking up a Maxxis DTH 20x2.2” tyre though, so not all was lost.

  • Probably just going to order a Colony front wheel from Lux BMX next week.

  • I've got Ergon GA3 on my bikepacking mtb, these are the most comfy grips I've had so far

  • Fork installed.

    Was given a 20” front wheel by a guy who got it for his Clydesdale build originally, so I have everything except a matching rear Maxxis DTH and some grips now. Will hopefully build it all up this weekend.

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  • That paintjob looks amazing!
    Looking forward to seeing it built up.

  • Thanks!

    Was going to build it up yesterday, but ended up just drinking beers at the bike shop instead.

    Started building it up this afternoon. The rear left brake arm seems a bit sticky, it doesn’t move as freely as the right hand side. The boss may be a bit mushroomed, I might run some sandpaper over it and try and get it to work better. I’m working from hone tomorrow so I might take a longer lunch break to try and finish it.

    Also found the front wheel I want on gumtree... as a set of wheels. Not sure if I’ll go ahead with buying them because I have no use for a 20” rear BMX wheel. I guess I could alway try and on-sell it or donate I guess.

  • Took a longer lunch break and started putting it all back together.

    The mini-v’s I have just clear the 2.3 front tyre, which is good. Everything else is going smoothly, it’s just time consuming re-cabling the whole bike after stripping it to paint. I will hopefully finish it tomorrow. Also took a photo of the paint in the light.

    Still need:

    • new grips (will look at some this week)
    • matching rear tyre (also getting this week)
    • Kool Stop salmon brake pads for the front
    • a new seat post because the current one is trashed
    • better / taller spacers

    Eventually I will also get a nice new stronger front wheel as well.

    I also found an Unwound sticker which fits perfectly on the fork. RIP Vern Rumsey.

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  • I think you the direction this build is taking is excactly what they wanted at Crust, when they came up with the Clydesdale design.
    And that paint job looks even better now!

  • I’m pretty happy with how it’s going.

    I have the front brake all connected, but it feels pretty rubbish and spongy. I might swap the levers over to Shimano BLT4000’s, which is what I’ve been using on Spacehorse and they feel pretty good with v-brakes. It’s just a shame they’re not readily available in silver. Hopefully new levers and new pads make a difference.

    I was planning on getting it all finished today for the test ride tomorrow, but it’s going to be pouring with rain for the rest of the week, so I’m in no rush. I also don’t have any mudguards to fit either wheel.

  • Are you not planning on running a disc?

  • At this stage, no. I might if I can get a disc compatible front wheel easily enough. The v-brake on there is a parts bin one, so it’ll do for now and if so go disc, it will be mechanical anyway. The rear brake is a canti, so I won’t be going hydro or anything.

  • This build is spot on, love the paint!

  • Halo T2 front rim, build to any hub you like

  • I’ve been looking at the Alex DM24. I’ll see what I can order in easily.

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Specialized Rockhopper "Kid Carrier" v2, now with a Clydesdale fork!

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