• Yoo this is also exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks for posting :)

  • So, took the rear rack off last night and noticed this. It just seems more pronounced now. I always thought it was because the wheel was out of true, but I think the frame is bent. Looks like the drive side seatstay has been bent inwards somehow. The wheel is centre between the chainstays near the bottom bracket, but sits really close to the seatstay on the drive side. I’m not really sure how to fix this? The brakes sit crooked so they can be used. I did get hit by another cyclist from the side a while ago after he ran a red light, but surely it wasn’t with that much force to bend the frame. Perhaps it was?

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  • You’re welcome!

  • Love this!

  • Finally purchased one of those Basil crates. Fitted it today and went for a ride with my son. He was pretty keen to ride home in the crate (/too tired to ride home on his bike). I somehow managed to carry him in the crate and balance his bike on my handlebars.

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  • Still love this. Did you bend it back??

    This is going to sound v strange perhaps but what's your approx load weight with your son & bike? Pondering a cargo fork for my new (heavy) dog

  • Haven’t bent it back yet. Need to find the time.

    My son weighs about 19kg, the bike would’ve been a couple of kg. We didn’t ride far, but it wasn’t hard. Felt less squirrelly than having him on the back in his seat.

  • Ta! Dog is 21kg so that's good news indeed

  • Digging the Basil crate, and who knew they could hold a child too? Does it feel fairly sturdy when strapped to the rack?

  • Yeah it does. Wouldn’t have an issue carrying him in there again.. minus his bike.

  • Pulled the rear brake, derailleur and wheel off to try and bend the seatstays. I need to cut a piece of wood to put between the drop outs as well. I came across this “how-to”, and watched a YouTube video, so hopefully it works.

    You can see how much it is bent in.

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Specialized Rockhopper "Kid Carrier" v2, now with a Clydesdale fork!

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