• No mounting plate, so I’ll be using the clamp.

    I haven’t installed it yet, but was planning on wrapping the stays with old inner tube and electrical tape first.

  • New crate (66L!) to replace the Wald 159. I’m intrigued to see how this goes for carrying stuff. It’s got holes on the bottom so I’m hoping I can just bolt it on to the platform (which has threaded eyelets). Also received a perfect sticker for it in the mail yesterday.

    EDIT: Dammit. The sticker is clear. Need to find some white vinyl.

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  • I put a bigger crate on the Clydesdale fork to replace the Wald 159 basket. Not sure if this will be permanent, but the bike still feels great to ride (even with a 19kg almost five year old in there), new MASH SF E.T. stem cap and a Pletscher twin leg kickstand. I might use hose clamps to attach the crate so it can easily be removed.

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  • The kickstand clamp and front derailleur looks like a bit of a mess, but it seems to be working okay.

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  • which kick stand is that please?

  • thought so when I saw Swiss, many thanks

  • No probs. It works well with a heavier basket, but it still see saws with the kid seat on the back.

  • This is perfect. The front crate is a great size. Thumbs up from me!

  • Put it to the test yesterday.

    It rides fine without a bike strapped to the crate and a kid on the back, but the ride home from kindy was a fun time.

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  • Looking great! These functional bikes are so versatile when you have to haul little kids around town. Much more flexible than a bakfiets imo. Plenty of envy here about that fork...

    For a kickstand with that much weight I would prefer an Ursus Jumbo. It's beefier and has got a wider stance providing more stability.

  • Thanks.

    The kickstand will do for. It was given to me and it’s a brand new Pletscher one. It’s more so to hold the bike so I don’t have to lean it against a wall when putting stuff in the crate.

  • It got drawn by https://instagram.com/mattiejgould

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  • So good! Shred till dad!

  • Still need a new (disc) front wheel, and some mudguards, but I’ve been commuting almost daily on this lately since we moved into my mother-in-law’s house while our house gets built and it’s been great.

    Swapping out the Yepp adapter to a smaller one has made it ride a bit better as well.

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  • Looks too good! What are those forks like weight wise?

  • They’re fine. I mean honestly, the photo with the groceries had 10.5kg of water (according to the box), plus another 3-5kg of food in the basket. The weight of the fork is the least of my problems.

    It’s definitely heavier than the stock fork, but unloaded, you don’t really notice it. I’m commuting about 35k a day on it and it’s fine.

  • Id be concerted about you bending your saddle rais with it being that far back.

  • That's serious distance! You riding this because have to carry mad shit for work or just like it?

  • @spotter yeah, I keep meaning to move it forward. It was that far back because of the top tube mounted seat I had one. The saddle is pretty beat up so if it bends, that’s okay.

    @txkxo It was just easier. My usual commuter had a puncture and was locked away, so I started riding this. Most days it’s only 17-18k, but some days it’s been 35ish. It’s been fine. Having the bigger basket has been handy to carry stuff, but it’s only been usual stuff that fits in a smaller Wald.

  • I think I’ve finally found a plastic crate in a practical size that can be sourced locally (Australia)... and I wasn’t even looking for one.

    Size-wise they’re a touch smaller than the big Wald 159 (by a few centimetres wide and deep, the Wald basket is W53cm x L38cm x D23cm and these are W50cm x L36cm x D27cm (internal) and 50l, so not much smaller), but other than that they seem a decent size. They’re actually Basil bike crates. Hope to order one next week. Not sure whether to get dusky pink or black. They’re also drilled for racks, so it might be easier to attach it to the Clydesdale fork.

    Edit: FWIW the other crate I used was W56.5cm x L38cm x D31.2cm (internal) and 66L

  • very on trend colours too

  • Nice! I’m waiting delivery on a black 50L Basil crate so I can bring my dog on bike rides!

  • That’s me. “Cool dad”.

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Specialized Rockhopper Kid Carrier" v2, now with a Clydesdale fork is dead!

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