Retro mountain bikes

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  • Sad thing is It'll just carry on gathering dust.

  • :( Sadly happens way too often, I'm currently trying to sell all the bikes I don't ride and it seems like I'll be left with one retro mtb at best :/

  • I've got the gears and brakes working lovely on my retro/bastard Marin team ti. Soon....

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  • 105 road levers icw V-brakes?? Wanna loose some of your teeth? ;)

  • But one of my favourite frames.

  • I had em working perfectly with old xtr canti's, but I forgot about the suspension thing πŸ˜‚ Every time the fork compressed, the brakes went loose! The V brakes work a treat.....couldn't get the St ones to work on the rear though.... they're lx ones on the back.

  • Oh, if anyone has a cheap, like real cheap, canti fork.... crabonz? Or a project two? Or my old orange f7? πŸ˜‚

  • That Fat Chance is well nice. Pity the new ones look shit.

  • Anyway, the team ti Marin got finished today!πŸ‘
    I wrapped the bars with some old stock silva red/white zebra stuff that I had in the cave, with the intention of it being cushioning for the black tresortex cotton tape that I had planned for it. But I think I like the slightly pink shit!

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  • Are there any forks like Tange Struts available off the peg?
    Threadless with cantilever studs.
    Or do I have to get some made by a framebuilder?

  • My FRO

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  • As in segmented type forks?

    Not much in production currently I don’t think but forks do exist from Orange, Gusset and On One plus others probably.

    Actually, not sure if there’s an Orange one that’d be both threadless and have canti mounts, but On One and Gusset definitely did them.

    Gusset one might still be available new.

  • Orange definitely made some... called F7's. I bought a pair from bearneccesities and sold them on.... but want something similar again!

  • I've joined the retro mountain bike club, picked up a Muddy Fox Courier Mega a few weeks back. Needed re-cabling and wheels replacing (they looked like they had battery acid on them?!) but now looks like this and rides really nice.

    Next steps are a basket for the rack and some slick gumwalls. Are Maxxis DTH/DMR Super Moto worth the extra over the likes of the Schwalbe City Jet?

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  • oooo yeah. get some funky coloured cable housing.
    and NO, city jets are the best.

  • Don't listen to the duck mole β€” DTH are worth every penny, only in all black though.

    And if you're not planning on riding with 'guards, go 2.3 over 2.15.

  • Hah I did see some lime green Jagwire cable outers but went for boring black.

    Still can't decide on tyres but they're definitely gonna be gumwall, will wait and see how broke I am approaching pay day. Schwalbes are Β£18 a pair and the Maxxis seem to be about Β£45 a pair so it's a fair difference!

  • Finished this GT not long time ago

  • Found this on eBay. Lovely.

  • that Marin Muirwoods is v nice

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Retro mountain bikes

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