Retro mountain bikes

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  • yes they are!

  • Bigger tyres (too big?) and new saddle for my Look...

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  • There is no such thing as long as the wheels turn.

  • That's my commuter: unknown Wilier mtb

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  • Does anyone know what width the rear dropouts would be on an early 90s Peugeot MTB? And bb shell would be?

  • Slightly off topic but looking for some help with older rigid mtb sizing:
    How small is too small for 6ft1/185cm person?

  • That looks fantastic, very tasteful!

  • 19" will be too small I reckon, anything above can work with a long enough seatpost. But old MTBs have weird geometries so this may vary a lot.

  • @vpCogworks @veLLo Very kind of you.
    Actually fitted a shimano slx for a cleaner cockpit

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  • I think you'll need a 20" or above. I'm 182 cm and 19-19,5 fits perfect.

  • Really good! Make sure you keep that lock rust free, they have a habit of jamming if they're left outside a lot.

  • I'm the same and ride the largest marin sizes they do which is 20"

  • Both here

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  • this cockpit is absolute waves my sir

  • I do like to mix fancy and rusty in good proportion.

    @ltc i'll take care of it for another 6 years hopefully. Thanks for the advice

  • Damn, 6 years. Some of the ones I've seen have jammed after a couple of months!

  • Thanks all - everything I want seems to be 17"/18" so definitely too small

  • can anyone recommend a u-brake that would have clearance for 26*2.1 with mudguard

  • Assuming that you're actually after a u-brake as opposed to a v-brake, I've used a Salt u-brake on my Moser mtb. It's a really nice quality BMX component, and I reckon it'll fit your requirements.

    Salt Brake

  • yep definitely a u. thanks, will have a gander at those

  • I did a circa 500 mile round trip last night to buy this, purely to satisfy my nostalgia... I had one when I was a teenager that met a grizzly end when I got knocked off doing my paper round...

    I'm going 1x10 it and put some modern(ish) componentry on there and commute over spring/summer with it... in the mean time I'll get all the original stuff looking as clean and shiny as I can, and then maybe hang it on the garage wall.

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  • Nice Peugeot. Nostalgia is a strange and expensive kind of human behaviour. 😏

  • Anyone else have a RockLobster team tig 853?
    I’ve always used a shimmed up ti seatpost that unsurprisingly always slipped. Have now replaced it with a 27.2 post which happily slides in a couple of inches then gets incredibly tight.
    I’ve tried wrapping some wet ‘n dry paper round the narrower post to clean the seat tube internally and then lubing the 27.2 post but nothing much has improved.
    Now wondering if it maybe takes a 27.0 seatpost?

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  • What's the correct and best Kool Stop replacement pad for stopping/reduce squealing? Or should I be replacing the calipers? It's only really a town use bike.

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Retro mountain bikes

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