Retro mountain bikes

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  • Recall cranks?

  • Actually the bmx bar makes a small frame useable for me, I do have the original 531/501 stem and bars for if it goes back to an mtb, Really could do with a layback seatpost if it stays this way, as you can see the seat tube is quite upright, part of the design for the shorter customer it was aimed at originally...... the designers later went on and became islabikes.

  • sorry? these were recalled? no idea...

  • Love those 1/2 trac's! I remember a guy in Cardiff/South Wales had one and it looked super exotic, along with his mate on his Yeti Ultimate... You'll get lots of interest on Retrobike for selling that beauty! What size is it by the way? Doesn't look too big based on size of the head tube.

  • That one isn't mine, I think it's a 19" seattube...

    I'll get some photos soon and create an advert!

  • Nope, the bonded coda magic ones had a dodgy batch, not these. Never. 100%.
    Actually the bike is amazing!

  • Nope, the bonded coda magic ones had a dodgy batch, not these. Never. 100%.
    Actually the bike is amazing!

    If those are CT-90s. They were recalled.

  • @JVBulman @MCamb

    Ok, so it was the 1995MY FC-CT90 cranks that were affected. Nothing else.
    One pic is the bikes coda chainset and the other from the 1995 Shimano brochure. I'd say they are not the same cranks. Easy enough to Google a few images instead of relying on an old recall article with no pics.

    Happy to be proved wrong, the model number will be stamped inside the DS arm.

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  • And here is what's likely to be a FC-CT90 fitted to a very low end 'dale from 1995, notable for the very skinny arms (likely to have been the issue with the breakages).

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  • You can see that the Altus crank has riveted / permanent fixings for the chainrings.

    I’ve even got one of those crappy non removable chainring shimano cranks and the product code isn’t affected by the recall.

  • cheers for the info @shawnb - great spot and knowledge! they are indeed the recalled FC-CT90's!

    i guess this must make them incredibly rare and valuable since most were presumably recalled and destroyed?

    anyway, the crank arms are proportionally skinny to my 11yr old daughter's legs, so hopefully able to withstand her max watts.

  • I think this fits in a few places.

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  • Very fit, peak functional.

  • Are the Billy Bonker tyres any good for crusing around on?

  • A mate of mine uses them and he likes them alot.

  • I love a Schwalbe but i reckon Maxxis Dth are a better rolling cruiser tyre

  • Is there a tyre width that is too big for a 17mm internal rim? I think prob not. My frame has around 70mm clearance.

  • If this chart is right, you can get away with up to 50mm:­769. I managed 2" tyres on an older bike (Schwalbe G-One Speeds on Mavic XM317s), and it was fine.

  • 17mm was the internal for the ubiquitous Mavic M231 back in the 90's and they were typically run with 2.1" (53mm) tyres (smokes, darts, porcs etc)

  • I was thinking prob not and the whole "you'll die if you don't run wide rims with you 32 tyres" is a weird rodie thing.

  • Thems are the rims I have.

  • Just made an 11hr round trip to collect this rather tasty Trek 950 in lugged OX comp II tubing. Little bit of rust here and there but looks barely ridden. LX group and hubs.

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  • Found another old photo, I think it was Malverns 1994

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Retro mountain bikes

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