Retro mountain bikes

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  • Readers ride here. Finally finished my latest build. Proper parts bin project but I'm happy with how it's turned out.

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  • Yeah, could defo be an option. Rock Shox forks seem to take a bit of a nose dive quality wise for a while after the og Judy era though.

    I've never should have put those Judy XL twin crown forks in the tip. Oh well, too late now.

  • This is great. Same frame as on the first page of the thread (­)?

    The newer tanwall Billy Bonkers are so much nicer than the ones with the painted-on yellow sidewalls.

  • Cheers. Good spot on the first page too. Seems there have been a few e-stay frames on here.
    I'm not into the massive text and stupid name but really like the tread pattern on the tyres. I was going to throw a pair of Panaracer Comets on this but as it's never going to see dirt, I thought this would do better on these. The panaracers have gone on my 97 Tequesta.

  • Agreed. The branding is terrible but the tyres are fine. I put them on my Timberline:­.

  • Yours looks great. I have a couple of similar age GT's. This Tequesta and another red Timblerline. Both from 97/98ish

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  • Also nice! A dad bike? Mine will be too, in a few months' time.

    What bars are those? The steerer on mine has been cut quite short and I'm struggling to get the bars high enough. Currently have an exceptionally dorky high-rise stem on it.

  • Congrats! Yep dad bike for our 19 month old. He's starting to feel comfortable in it now (and me with him riding in it) but not sure how long that will last.

    Bars are BLB Big Smoke bars. I previously had a BMX stem and Surly Sunrise bars on it but the TT is short and it was quite cramped. Feel much better now.

  • Thanks! I had my first one in a Hamax seat from about a year old, and there's a definite learning curve. My old Kaffenback had such short chainstays that I felt I was about to do a wheelie half the time.

    Thanks for the bar ID. Big Smokes do look like the best/cheapest option - but are your Surly bars up for grabs, by any chance?

  • Yeah I prefer the position of the weeride over a rear mount bike seat but it does mean I have to ride in a wide leg stance.

    The Big Smokes are great. Could maybe do with being a touch wider but thats probably the psychology of having wide bars on everything. I was tempted by the Nitro HiHi bars but Blue Lug have been put of stock for a while and they are a good bit more expensive.

    At the moment I'm keeping the Sunrise bars to try on another bike but if I do decide to part with them I'll let you know.

  • I was tempted by the Nitro HiHi bars but Blue Lug have been put of stock for a while and they are a good bit more expensive.

    I hadn't known about these ones. Thanks for the tip!

    At the moment I'm keeping the Sunrise bars to try on another bike but if I do decide to part with them I'll let you know.


  • Any interest here for a Marin Bear Valley rolling chassis?

    22’ frame, roughly 58cm virtual top tube 55cm seat tube plus original seat post, saddle and bars. The condition and paint is pretty outstanding for a 1995 mountain bike. Ideally London sale only £150.

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  • Finally got off my ass and finished my Marin yesterday. Gotta sell it on as it’s too small for me and wanna build another singlespeed mtb

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  • Can anyone point me in the direction of a 27.0mm inline seatpost in silver for my Marin ? Thanks

  • There's usually some Kona (or listed as Kona compatible) ones on ebay.

    Or get a cheap Brand X one from CRC and get busy with the oven cleaner.

  • Those the original tyres too? Sort of tempted to test this out the size up of mine - where in London are you?

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  • Hi @philphillyphilip,

    I believe they are the original tyres. A pair of Marin Quake’s 2.0. On a shimano stx hub laced to araya tm-18 rims.

    Based south east London, east dulwich. More than welcome to come and have a look. Let me know.

  • A little bootleg build, but liking it a lot. Retro mtbs are way more fun than I thought!

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  • Thomson make them

  • 30€ Rossin Adventure quick build.

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  • This came to me recently, In a right state and a bit on the small side so thought I would have a bit of fun and go Bmix on it, sadly the sachs stuff had been breaking down in the sun for the past 20 years or so, so fitted some bits n bobs from the shed.

    Zinn Classic

    and refurbed..........

  • @retrobikeguy Nice! Not a fan of white tyres but I love the BMiX inspiration and the rest of the build. How does it ride with the BMX bar?

  • This may be the best place for this....

    I have a 1/2 trac titan! that I may be up for selling with those Pulsar hub'd / ritchey wheels...As they match very well...

    Same frameset as above (not mine tho)

    Ill get photos if anyone is interested.

    I may also have 3x7 XT group to go with it...

  • On beach cruise dutys

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  • Is anyone interested in this before I sell elsewhere?
    I originally bought it as a run around with the boy but it's far too nice and had been hung up in my shed ever since!
    It is a mint F700 19 inch frame.
    Every part is in beautiful and original condition. Headshock works, paintwork is immaculate, even the original tyres are in excellent condition.
    Looking for £500.
    Will add more pictures soon...

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Retro mountain bikes

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