Retro mountain bikes

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  • A mate just finished building this up. I reckon he’s done a pretty tidy job!

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  • So slick, actually liking the lack of anodising on this build

  • I know, it’s like he’s never been on Instagram! :-D

  • My newest acquisiton. ~10.8 kilos, full 737 XT, stiff as hell and very fast. Will need to shorten the chain a lil bit. I'm gonna give it some fat tyres and a townie bar. Downtube is ridiculously massive.
    Apparently the brand is Belgian, but that's pretty much the only info I could find. Bought it from original first owner who purchased it around '94, and hasn't ridden it too much, given the state of the components...

  • I appreciate him taking the time to find that shutter to photo the bike infront of

  • Richey Vantage Expert on DX Hubs wheelset , Anyone have an idea on value ?

  • Depends on condition, and if it has a cassette and QRs on. I bought a set with 730 XT hubs for 25 bucks not very long ago, they were sound and generally nice, but faded stickers and no cassette.

  • Seeking validation... of the lfgss type... first iteration of this ‘95 Rocky Mountain Blizzard with hopelessly period incorrect parts is complete and in need of further upgrades as always.

    The XTR v brakes feel like nothing compared to Avid’s cheap alternatives from around the same time. I’ve never ridden a bike with flat bars and don’t intend to any longer than this morning’s first ride. Rapid rise derailleur is confusing as hell and the wheels are pretty shot. Maybe a different saddle would look better? New decals might bring the cranks to life too.

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  • Love it, the yellow & orange accents are a great touch.

    What’s the deal with the brakes? I thought the parallelogram Shimano V design was meant to be very effective...

  • Thanks :)

    Well yeah they are effective. But they feel spongier than the Avids. There isn't that 'bite' when they hit the rim... that on/off feel you get with disc brakes (which I like). I really went to town on servicing them too, new cables, noodles, the lot. So I guess I was expecting more.

    I had some XT versions at one point too and they rattled soooo loudly.

  • Im getting some disc tabs brazed on to my frame for reasons I have forgot. Something about upgrading the wheelset. I was wondering if anyone has any reccomendations on the retro offerings available. I'm not opposed to getting some retro rims and hubs built up but i've no idea on mavic's hierachy (which is what everyone seems to use) nor what hubs I should be using i.e how retro is too retro.

  • The higher the first number on the mavic rim then the better the quality/features, if it’s even its tubeless if it’s odd it’s not, then the next 2 are the internal width

  • just finished this, thought it might belong here

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  • ^^ Lovely!!

  • Very nice, @elHuron

  • That's really really good.

  • 90s team wheelset, cockpit, saddle

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  • Love the typography the grx derailleur!

  • Yeah just spotted that :-D

  • Shameless cross post. New tyres on, awful guards off.

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Retro mountain bikes

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