Retro mountain bikes

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  • Mother of all jobs to get the fairly stuck bottom bracket out but all good now.

    Such is a rite of passage when building up a 90's MTB frame.

    Looking really good!

  • Never seen this colour before, such a nice blue! Would really suit a blue ano stridsland chainring if you ever wanted to go 1x ;)

  • Love the paint & matching stem!

  • Tasty. More pics?

  • Great frame! Love the colour.

  • Had a couple couple of weeks and a few 100k out on the Billy Bonkers now and they are brilliant, for the price I can’t recommend them highly enough, even at double the price they’d still be excellent value imo.

  • I had a Tequesta in this colourway but I sold it many years ago. Big ragrets.

  • Thanks for the review, @Matisse!

  • you

    Still a bit of a WIP, current situation:

    Ritchey Venturemax bars 42cm(maybe), Tiagra Shifters. XT m771 derailleur and 11-36 Sunrace cassette. The cassette is on 7 speed hub, 9 out of 10 cogs just like Sheldon taught us.
    The bar wrap - grip situation on pretty much temporary, will use some proper wrap when I figure out the final setup.

  • At least clothing got better those past 30 years...

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  • nah, that's peak cycling fashion

  • Rather nice Kona Lavadome at Arundel Lido

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  • '96 where does the time go!

  • Hi all - I’m currently prepping my MTB dad bike and want a rack for the front. I like the look of the Velo Orange porteur rack but it’s sold out everywhere - any suggestions for alternatives? Shit picture of the project at an early stage

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  • Another question on finding parts - any recommendations on where to find 94/58 BCD (5-arm) triple rings? I've tried the usual suspects - SJS, JE James, Wiggle, Tredz, eBay, Greedy Jeff's Shop (did not buy, was looking to see availability), even AliExpress. I might be able to find individual rings here and there, such as Spécialités TA, but does anyone know if anywhere sells triple chainring sets, without the cranks? Maybe it's just not a Thing any more, in these days of hideous 4-arm unevenly spaced monstrosities passing themselves off as cranks.

    Thanks for any leads...

  • Had similar issues looking for replacement rings on my stx rc cranks, would be great to know if you find anywhere

  • Ha it's actually for a set of STX cranks! Lovely things, similar to but much less ££ than the XT/XTR of a similar era. Should polish up nicely as well.

    Spa Cycles look like they might have a few but the cost mounts up. Again individual rings, not sets.

  • Dunno how desperate you are but would put money on this chainset being compact (do check though!), rings look ok and you get a bb and some hideous cranks thrown in:

  • Just accidentally bought this because it comes with Kooka cranks, XTR v-brakes / rear mech and mavic crossride wheels. Big wants and minimal needs. Comes with all the original parts too so can enjoy putting it back together.

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  • Nice - I look forward to the build thread. Thanks for the eBay link as well

  • Thank god you bought it, I was watching it and was super tempted. Have fun,:-)

  • I thought there might have been some watchers on here... :P

    Hopefully the wheels aren't worn to nothing nor the cranks cracked like they tend to...!

  • anyone have a good source of non-qr seat post binder bolts? I assumed it'd be the kind of thing ebay would be flooded with, in many eyeburning ano colours. Not so.

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Retro mountain bikes

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