Retro mountain bikes

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  • I grabbed it - the guy was literally just round the corner from me. It’s too big for me and has potential stuck seatpost but otherwise not in too bad condition. I’ll see if the frame is salvageable then I guess see if anyone wants it 🤷♂️

  • This arrived today. Will be added to my "30 th Anniversary thread"

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  • Lovely Yeti! (But give it less modern looking tyres please. ;-))


    Sorry if this is a dead link for y’all. Wasn’t dammit after one of these maybe?

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  • it needed saving if nothing else.

  • Always loved the look of these. Almost bought a geared one a few years ago. But I picked up my Dialled SS instead, as I decided my 90+kg on one of these was a bit much. Can't believe how much they go for now. Lovely things.

  • Does anyone here fancy an XTR triple front shifter? It's the M971 model, band-on, top-swing. It's for sale over on the Classifieds

  • For a moment I thought it might be a good starting point for my latest hare-brained slow-boiler plan. It involves a frame like this, but with a 1 1/8 steerer, and some frame modifications!

  • Can any Saracen nerds tell me what this is, please? I’ve checked the catalogues on retro bike and can’t see anything that matches it.

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  • @AlexD 1992 Saracen Sahara? Its red in the catalogue but I think the specification text on p22 says "red or turquoise"? The internal cable on the top tube, the fat forks, mudguard/rack bosses, the decal on the seat tube and decal style all seem to fit.

  • Here's the red one from the 1992 catalogue and I found a blue one too.

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  • Took the old lady out for a ride.

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  • Many thanks for this - it does indeed look like it's the Sahara! I decided to pass on it in the end and have something from the forum on it's way instead.

  • Good choice imo. The graphics on the slightly earlier saracens are way cooler ;)

    What's on its way?

  • With the crazy 80s shapes? Yeah I love those. I was watching another Saracen with that style of graphics, but it wasn't quite right. Plus I needed something I don't mind...err.... doing stuff to....

    I've bought the pink/silver fade Rockhopper with the mismatched fork, from classifieds. I'll probably build it up as is for now with parts from my Giant. But I was thinking of popping a disc fork on it at some point, for shits and/or giggles.

  • Haha. What’s wrong with the giant? I am into that one

  • What is the consensus on Gary fisher? Building this up at the moment. Weirdly has a 1 1/4” head tube

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  • What's wrong with it? It's a bike I currently own and have built up, that's what's wrong with it :-D

    (I'll probably keep hold of the Giant frame - I do like it!)

  • Nice bikes until the firm was bought by Trek. After that, meh.

  • Not last century but it's v brakes and a joy to ride.
    something away from a carbon road bike.
    Here's my marin fitted a 1× 7 setup and Xlight mtb bars.

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  • Anyone have a 16" 88-90 Kona - Explosif or Cinder Cone F&F for sale ?

  • Haha yeah ok I hear ya.

    @doug1e thanks for sharing. that’s pretty similar to mine, but the paint scheme is better. Didn’t know you could use a mech hanger extender on the older mechs to extend the range. Can’t beat a triple though imo. I went 1x10 on my old trek 950 recently and it’s just not the same. The only positive is having a clutch.

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Retro mountain bikes

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