Retro mountain bikes

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  • I'm 5.10 and ride a 19" frame .@AlexD you should stick with a 16"

  • Ah ok, thanks. Is that the same with frames that have straight top tubes? I’m seeing loads of this sort of thing around 20” but not much smaller!

  • @Alban I'm really pleased with frame and forks. I think FF will build into a really nice bike.

  • Stright top tube would be taller.frame size .my is mtb 19 sloping and 54" road bike sloping frame .but my steel frame is a 56 due to the flat tube tubes.

  • Anybody got a band on triple shifter they want to sell? Not integrated with brake lever and prefer Ezi or Rapidfire.

  • Can confirm a 16/17 should be fine for what you've described!

  • Cheers. I’ve just picked up a Giant Coldrock frame, which is a ‘small’. I think it’s something like 17.5” but I’ve yet to try it for size. We shall see.

  • Ah it's a 16.5/17 and you bought it from me.. I was just about to text you and ask if that was you, haha. Small world

  • HA! I did wonder if you were on here - good to meet you earlier!

    Cheers, I'm really looking forward to getting it built up. I'll post progress here if you're interested.

  • Going to rebuild my Jamis Diablo as a pub /commuter
    Currently looking for groupset parts lx or xt

  • Picked this up for my better half. I'm halfway through stripping and cleaning it, it's basically pristine and unused below a few layers of dust and grime. Chain, cogs and chainrings are pretty much brand new, brake tracks are practically untouched. I don't believe this was ever really used, just sat in a garage for 30-ish years...

  • Thats amazing. My first "proper" mtb was a Diamond Back so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for any that pop up locally.

  • Love the colour!

  • Cheers! It's actually proper deep red in real life, the photo doesn't quite justify it.

  • Why are all the decent looking brake levers for v-brakes? I’m really struggling finding something nice for Cantis!

  • Dia compe do some, as do sturmey archer.

    And a lot of the modern shimano flat bar road bike brake levers are compatible with cantis methinks.

  • Actually yeah I just remembered I had some Tiagra flat bar levers on a previous bike. They were pretty decent, although a strange charcoal grey with a tinge of green colour!

  • M900 XTR levers. Chop off the STI mounts, file smooth, and polish the lever bodies. Time-consuming, but mighty purdy.

  • BMX levers too

  • I've got some SS5s I'm never likely to use. Never fitted them either

  • Yeah they are nice, but not sure I could be bothered with the dremelling. Plus I don’t have a dremel :-)

  • Howdy all. I recently purchased a Saint 10 speed derailleur because they look pretty and i thought i'd be able to buy the pictured OneUp RadR cage mod so that i can run larger cassettes, 11-42 sunrace specifically. However i appear to be about 3 years to late and i cant find one for sale anywhere. Is the goatlink a viable alternative for this rear mech or did i make a boo boo. any advice would be appreciated.

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  • I have a nice set of Ritchey canti brake levers. Pm me if interested.

  • You can use V brake levers for canti brakes. But not the other way around.

  • Really? Won’t there be a lot less leverage due to the longer cable pull? I assumed that was why v-brakes callipers are so long compared to cantis

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Retro mountain bikes

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