Retro mountain bikes

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  • Nice. Always loved this colour combination.

  • Not bad price considering the Explosif was at the top end of the range

  • Cross posting from cp: my 1998 Saracen Kili with a group-upgrade (more recent version of LX)

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  • Installed the new 1x10 deore on my muddy fox. Looks pretty dumb

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  • Yeah I thought so too. I think he even has a team issue Kona Hot in Stars and Stripes colours.

  • How big is that cassette?

  • Picked this up a week or two ago since my old commuter has been promoted to full time gravel duty. A Basket, some tyres, and £5 handlebars later and I'm really happy with it.

    I've a two-piece GT stem to fit but it needs stripping and repainting first, and I'm gonna see if I can persuade my old 650b mudguards to fit...

  • On the theme of functional 'foxes, here's my 1986 courier loaded up for a trip last week (London > Cambridge to visit my parents while avoiding the trains). ('scuse the bins in the back. I planned on taking some nicer photos during the ride but it ended up sharting it down so this is all I've got)

    A few upgrades since the last time I posted it here: brookes saddle & carradice nelson w/ bagman adapter, because I want to pretend I'm in the rough stuff fellowship. Front rack to replace the stays that came with the wald basket. Handlebars & stem are temp replacements while I search in vain for some bullmoose bars, after the original bars got squished by a van while locked up. Replaced the rear derailleur with a cheapish new shimano one and super happy with the improved shifting, even if it looks a bit wack.

    Been doing some lovely long towpath / 'gravel' rides on it since lockdown began. It's not fast but it's sooo comfy and fun to take off road.

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  • This is ace. What did it look like pre-build?

  • really want a RMTB

    need to keep an eye out on gumtree for cheap shiter

  • I can't see that pic, is it private?

  • Fixed, I think?

  • This is dead tasteful, mind. Love it.

  • Yeah I can see it now, looks like a lot of fun

  • ^class

    have my eye on a few frames on ebay - if I can nab one for cheap enough, I might take the plunge on trying to build one myself. might take some hand holding here, and tool borrowing from mates tho.... tempting.... should probably buy a full bike as my first project one of these - so I don't need to source every single little thing, I guess.

  • Cross posting from cp: my 1998 Saracen Kili with a group-upgrade (more recent version of LX)

    This thing looks like a lot of fun.

  • Lovely. I had some of those Kelloggs cornflakes spoke reflectors in about 1993 I think, have you kept yours since then or found them elsewhere?!

  • Finished my Bridgestone retro MTB project recently. Some new stuff, mostly spares or donated (the pelago rack blew the budget). 1x10. Love it.

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  • Beautifully functional. Love the cable/decal combo.

    Looks really comfy.

  • Was just about to ask the same thing, then checked eBay; NOS are at least a fiver apiece...

  • That's lush

  • Got some turquoise grips arriving soon to match the other decals. Normally I’m an “all black everything” type, but figured colour is allowed (or mandatory?) on a retro MTB build.

  • No, sadly I lost the ones I had back in the day (on a mint green kid's raleigh lizard). These are NOS from ebay, got them in a set as a jokey present for my brother but couldn't resist keeping two for myself. Think I got six for a tenner but I've seen some of them for crazy prices as @Thrustvector says.

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Retro mountain bikes

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