Retro mountain bikes

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  • The brand is called Sweetskinz. They make some pretty wild stuff.

  • Sweetskinz.

    Too slow

  • Those tyres are MAD! I love them!
    Also, I built the same frame up for my mom:

  • Yours was one of the few that showed up when I was looking for this frame and its geo. Such a nice build.

  • Since this old pic we've put some big backsweep risers and a better looking stem on it. Yours looks way better not gonna lie!

  • I need to replace the stem to. Something with less rise and black. Got any pics of how the bike looks now?

  • It's essentially the same cockpit as it was on my Diamondback:

    Old Hooger Booger CrMo stem.

  • ahah those pedals has just been painted by the past owner (looks not so good imo)
    thanks for the tip, will check it out!

  • As a few others have been posting bikes with crazy colours here is one I took on Peckham Rye a few years ago
    Sorry can’t get the picture to show via my IPad but best paint job ever

  • My ratty 95 Marin Palisades Trail isn't the cleanest or the craziest build but I like it. My do it all bike for everything slow (#rideslowdiewhenever). With the new tires it might be my favorite bike.

    That Carradice support isn't staying, the headlight will be adjusted and there's 1x11 in the mail.

  • Nice, lovely colour combo.

    Are those 26x2.1 Gravelkings?

  • Thanks!

    Yes! Got a pair from Bike24 earlier this week. I was guessing between these, Maxxis DTH and Billy Bonkers. Love 43x700 version on my other bike so ended up with these.

  • Just switched out the slicks and road cranks/gearing to some proper off-road stuff on my Argentovivo. It moves really well in the dirt now.

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  • Working on my PR6000 made me want to ride its fat tired nephew. So took my Mc Pro from the attic, did some minor changes (new Smoke Classic tyres, longer seatpost and white Turbo saddle) and went for a spin.

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    • IMG_20200723_194937.jpg
  • Reader’s 80’s 531ATB British Eagle turned Lidl warrior/sprog chariot.

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  • Rebuilt a Mecury Millenium for a friend, full STX RC group including hubs. Chucked a set of Schwalbe City Jets on for the first time commuter. Let's hope the stuck seatpost is stuck at the right height now built!

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    • 20200723_114614.jpg
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  • Never heard of that. Is it something British? Stainless frame?

  • I think ots British, its steel but not sure about stainless. Can only find one on Pedalroom, its from around 1995 and apparently a LBS own brand 🤷♂️

  • Further to the Caladera, the boss has this and is keen to get rid of it for £600. It’s a mint MAX tubing 1996. The best of the best. 20”.
    Reckon it’s a fair price or should it go on retro bike?

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    • C0F5ACBF-44A5-485F-8FC6-E1FB25F7F313.jpeg
    • 8088D039-D794-49EF-B1A9-8B7635F9A17D.jpeg
  • Wow, that is crispy freshhh !!

  • It’s a fair price for one of the best high end Kona steel mtbs of that era.
    Retrobike will likely say that it is worth less as a lot of the parts are not the original spec: forks, wheels, brakes, seatpost, saddle, bars, stem.
    I had the same bike in 18” - still regret selling it.

  • Agreed. He’s a massive Kona fan but needs to thin the herd. Not sure whether he’s changed anything on it personally, but I do remember it wit different components from when I was a kid.

    You reckon it might be worth posting it on here for him to see if there’s any bite? Retrobike is a bit fickle.

  • I would have asked 5000...

  • I have my 90s MTB back.

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Retro mountain bikes

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